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Regency by GRT-An affordable 3* hotel in Kancheepuram

Regency by GRT Hotels is an affordable star hotel in the temple town of Kancheepuram. We visited this property for breakfast, lunch and a short break in between. This post shares some of the details and photos about this hotel, so that you can consider the same for stay/meals during your visit to Kancheepuram

The location:
Regency is conveniently located in Gandhi Road, Ennaikaran, Kanchipuram- just about 1 km from bus stand (walking path, 2 km by main road), 1.5 kms from main temple and around 3 kms from Railway station. 
The rooms:
Rooms in Regency are standard budget hotel rooms with all basic facilities catered to. The building is 5 floors tall with a terrace access. Some of the photos below 
Dakshin restaurant serves south Indian food. I liked the way they provided curd rice in small earthen pots 
Other facilities:
Regency has a gym, a permit room. Limited car parking space is available within campus. Wifi is available
We didn’t stay at Regency during our bloggers meet. But we got to rest in the room for an hour or so and enjoyed our breakfast and lunch here. On your next visit to Kanchipuram, you can check and book Regency by GRT Hotels using the widget below.

Per night cost ranges between 2500 to 4000 a night. Though hotel claims booking direct with the hotel will be cheapest, I found rates on marginally cheaper than rate quoted by hotel website for the dates I checked. (after factoring 10% genius discount). Use your discretion.

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