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Japan Trip on low budget-77k for 6 days all inclusive

Japan doesn’t appear in the list of preferred destinations when we think of a holiday. We check Europe,  Middle East and South East Asian countries, but not usually Japan. Even holiday packages advertised by prominent travel agencies usually focus on Europe, America and Singapore/ Malaysia/ Thailand. Why not Japan? I don’t know. May be everyone thinks there’s nothing unique in Japan or they think it is far and expensive not worth going. But after my short trip to Japan, I am very much pleased with this country and strongly recommend you give Japan a consideration for your next vacation.
For those of you worried about budget, below is a sense of what various things cost in Japan.

Yen to rupee conversion factor: 100 YEN= 60 INR
Approx Cost
20k to 50k per person, return
Try booking during a sale for best deals
Japan Local travel
18k INR for JRPass (1 week, Ordinary), another 3k to 5k for travel expense not covered by JR Pass
Purchase before travel
May not be needed if visit is too short or focused on one city only.
1800-2000 YEN onwards
A proper meal (2-3 items) in basic/mid-range restaurants
Water bottle-550ml
100-130 Yen
Cheaper in supermarkets, little expensive in vending machines
590-610 YEN minimum fare (1.5kms)
1000 Yen for about 2.5 kms

100 Yen (small, supermarket machine coffee)
300-350 Yen in coffee shops

Cheapest options- Capsule Hotels- around 1900-2500 YEN per person per night
Bus Ride
230 YEN per ride, any no of stops

Train Ride
210 Yen onwards, depending on distance/no of stops

Bullet train cost
Sample: Tokyo to Osaka- 15000 Yen in Nazomi- with seat reservation fee
Tokyo to Osaka – 9000 Yen on slower bullet trains without seat reservation
Assuming you’re not buying JR Pass or want to try faster Nazome bullet train not covered by JRPass
Check Google Maps or Hyperdia
Attraction Entry fee
Usually between 500 to 1000 YEN per person
Tokyo SkyTree 2060 Yen, Disneyland/ Univ Studio even more

100-120 Yen per piece

Around 350 Yen per piece

Visa Fee
INR 440 for Embassy, VFS fee extra if you can’t submit direct.

300 Yen- Small size
500 Yen- Medium size
700/1000 Yen-Large
Per day per lock (till 2 AM next day is 1 day)
Small size can take mid size backpack
Sim card
2600 YEN
(1 month, 1 GB limited voice call SIM)

Typical daily expenses in Japan: (intercity travel and flight not factored)
  • 1 Full meals: 2000 YEN
  • Around 10 different local train/bus rides: 3000 YEN
  • Some snacks, Coffee water etc at convenience store: 600-1000 Yen
  • Entry fee to 2-3 of attractions  during the day: 2000 Yen approx.
  • One or two taxi rides: 2000 Yen
  • Hostel stay: 2500 Yen
  • Other miscellaneous  expenses: 2000 Yen
  • Total: Approx 13000-15000 Yen per person per day or INR 8000-9000.
Below is what my 1 week trip cost me
I could save significantly on flight because of Air Asia sale- booked it in March 2016. Check this post on how to make the most of AirAsia sale
20497 INR

17700 INR
1 week ordinary
Stay expense 6 nights, budget hostels/capsule hotels
Osaka: 1900
Hiroshima: 2400
Kyoto: 3100
Tokyo: 4680 (for 2 nights)
Osaka 1 night: 2700
14780 Yen

Entry fee to various attractions
Ranges between 300-1200 Yen per attraction, total 12000 approx.
Tokyo skytree most expensive at 2060 Yen

Accurate to +/- 10%
Travel not covered by JR Pass
7000 Yen approx

Local sim card
2600 Yen

Food expense for 6 days (meals, snacks, coffee, water n fruits purchase)
20000 Yen approx.
Accurate to +/- 20%


Locker storage cost
600 Yen

Misc (newspaper, deer cookies, fridge magnet shopping etc
1500 Yen

Inflight meals purchase
86 MYR total

Bank fee for withdrawing local cash using debit card
400 Yen

Chennai home to airport and airport to home

Local train + bus + walk
Interest lost on ticket booked 1 year ago (at 8%)




Round off Japan trip expense: 77000 for 6 days, everything inclusive
Tips to reduce expense during Japan Trip
  1. Select a hotel/hostel within walking distance from a train station- preferably one serviced by JR line if you’re buying JR Pass. This will save precious time and Taxi expense
  2. Plan your trips in multiples of 7 days, so that you can make full use of JR Pass (issued for 7 or 14 days)
  3. There’re many vending machines all over, but I find that items like drinking water are cheaper in supermarkets (Family Mart of Seven i) than these machines.
  4. Daily pass for metro/subway/bus or combined are useful and convenient. While buying daily pass check if it is valid for 24 hour from first use or for the calendar day. Kyoto daily pass is for the calendar day while Tokyo Subway/Metro pass is for 24 hours from first use. If it is for a calendar day, avoid buying it in the evening
  5. Avoid taxi where possible. Walk or take train. A short ride of 2-3 kms will set you back by 1000-1500 Yen
  6. Some attractions like Universal studios/Disney land/Tokyo skytree may not be really worth the time and money. Check if you really want to spend on these
  7. Check opening and closing hours before visiting- most shrines close by 5 PM
  8. Assuming you will be spending 5-7 days and will be visiting at least 2 to 3 cities, buying JR pass in advance makes sense. If you will be stationed in just one city then do the maths and figure out if JR pass is still economical. Here's a detailed post to help you decide if you would need a JR Pass.
Reading a bit about the attractions or checking photos online will help. Not every garden, shrine or castle is really worth visiting. Check photos online, reviews and check if you really want to visit the attraction or skip it. For example, attractions like Tokyo skytree are expensive at about 2060 Yen per person, plus demand lots of waiting time. If you’re not very keen for view of the city, you can skip it.

If you are looking for Japan visit suggested itineraries, do check this post- have listed 3 one week itineraries

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  1. Great, Very useful post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Useful information. Japan is in my backlog for a long time. Your posts help a lot in planning.

  3. Informative as well as useful post . Domo arigato

  4. That's very detailed and informative post. I'm sure going to bug you when I plan for Japan. :)

  5. Sure Nisha.. Congrats on the new jumbo passport

  6. This is super fantastic! I also need to go there and the budget seems very doable :)

  7. Ohhh.... I simply loved your post. Very informative and to the point.
    Superb !!!!!!

  8. Super informative post! Japan has always been high on my list! Thanks in advance. PS the Cherry blossom captures are lovely!

  9. Japan is my dream country since childhood. I am interested to see some reviews on capsule hotel. Was it comfortable?

  10. @Vignesh- Yes, detailed experience on capsule hotels coming up

    @Doc- thanks. more cherry blossom pics in future posts!

    @Sapna- thanks

  11. Finally, I was able to read your post after having bookmarked for so long. My concern is the budget of course, and Japan is one of the places that I have been wanting to visit. Your post convinced me to be hopeful about Japan! Probably with a planning like you did, I could visit Japan soon! Thanks for this detailed cost breakup! Good to know that not all the shrines are worth visiting. :)

  12. Thanks for the details of Japan. Indeed one of the best countries in the world. I wanted to know did you happen to go to Mt. Fuji?
    Also I've read JR Pass doesn't cover few sectors. Does JR Pass also cover the buses in various cities?
    Me being a vegetarian, I wanted to know did you see vegetarian options available?

  13. @VIP
    Yes, JR Pass doesn't cover everything. You will have to spend a few K more on sectors not covered by JR

    Being veg, it is not impossible to manage, but not very easy either. Either plan your visit n stay around Indian/veg restaurants, or be ready to manage for a day with fruits and coffee etc

    I didn't go to Mt Fuji, just saw it from train

    @Reshma-Glad to be of help. Have a great trip.

  14. Thanks a bunch for the detailed expense list, it is very helpful! Which way do you choose you flight tickets and when can I expect a sale?

  15. Now I am considering Japan too. Superbly helpful post :)

  16. Hey! Can you tell me the exact visa process?

    1. Pls check this post http://www.enidhi.net/2017/03/japan-tourist-visa-process-for-indians.html

    2. Hi Srinidhi, I enjoyed reading your post. I am a retired scientist of 71 years of age.I have been a globetrotter during my public service and have visited more than 35 countries but not Japan. I now have an invitation to go to Kyoto to deliver lectures on 15 Sept 2019 prior to a conference bet 16 - 19 Sept 2019. I am keen to go with my wife this time for a period of 7 - 10 days covering an itinerary like yours. My ticket and accommodation in Kyoto would probably be covered by the conference but I will have to pay for travel and stay elsewhere.

      Could you suggest me a suitable itinerary for us in order of the cities to visit, number of days at each place, places to stay, port of entry and disembarkation. I am not sure if I will get a ticket for Delhi-Kyoto-Delhi or would be required to enter and leave via Tokyo. We are also vegetarian

      Looking forward to hearing from you.


    3. Dear Rajendra Prasad sir,

      Best wishes to your Japan plan. I have 3 itineraries in this post- you may take #2 or #3 and customize a bit for your needs https://www.enidhi.net/2018/02/useful-japan-travel-itineraries.html

      Osaka is the closest airport, so you will be mostly given Delhi-Osaka return ticket. You may ask for entry via Osaka and return via Tokyo if allowed.

      Use Happycow app to find veg restaurants near you. There're many Indian restaurants that serve veg food.

      Hope this helps- once you have read above post, have a high level plan, feel free to contact me (You can use contact form in the side bar or connect on any social media channel) for additional info.

  17. Can see so much of detailing in the information, certainly makes you wanderlust

  18. Just came across your post. Very informative. Can you mention 10 must see within 9 days tour. Is JR pass absouabsol free in designated train, then what is the fare calculator for.

    1. This post has 3 possible Japan itineraries. Pls refer the same and plan your 9 day tour.

      JR pass is not valid on fastest nagomi trains, also no reserved seating, some non JR trains you've to buy ticket extra, Japan local people can't buy JR Pass- they have to pay n buy tickets. So fare calculator is needed

  19. just came across your post through quora and i have to say your efforts on writing these blogs really help others to plan their trips. i am a student and i am saving money for my japan trip. thank you for the amazing post :)

  20. From where did you take your flights? I mean, it is taking around 30k in January. You say you did it in 20k.
    Can you please elaborate the airports and airlines and your time of travel?

    1. My flight was from Chennai to Osaka, booked an year prior during an Air Asia sale. This fare is not always available for every date n every sale- right now for example a Air Asia sale is going on- if you hunt well, you may get Kochi-Osaka return for about 23-24k (try for 16-21 October 2019, fares may change before you check though)

      Best wishes

    2. And what about taking out cash in Japan? Can you explain that briefly? Which card did you use? Or forex? What exchange rate did you get and all?

    3. I took some money from India, rest I withdrew from ATM in Japan. I had got about 600 Rs for 1000 YEN, but that was 2.5 years ago, so would have changed now. Best wishes

  21. Can you give me an itinerary for tokyo,osaka,kyoto,nara and hiroshima?

    1. Pls check this post for itinerary https://www.enidhi.net/2018/02/useful-japan-travel-itineraries.html

  22. Hey, I am going Tokyo on 27th December 2019. I am little confused regarding how to get SIM there and will that SIM work on my phone. I have MiA2 phone.

    I have two days to see around Tokyo. I would be very grateful if you could suggest must visit places there which gives a good insight to their culture.

    1. Hi Nicks,
      Pls check below post for Japan Itinerary https://www.enidhi.net/2018/02/useful-japan-travel-itineraries.html

      I feel you could either visit one day Nikko and another day places within Tokyo city or spend two days in Kyoto- ther're more options, decide based on your interest.

      Hopefully SIM process would have been simplified by now. Alternatively you can buy a portable wifi.

  23. Hey, I have some apprehension regarding buying stuff and eating out at local cheap places as I think about the language barrier. How did you understand what's written in the menu, or how did you communicate in general to people, like when traveling to places, going through local transportation, etc?

    1. You will find English menu in most mid range or Indian/nepali restaurants

    2. Hey, I don't want to go to any Indian restaurant. I want to experience local Japanese food and culture ( something more genuine like going through chandni Chowk in delhi or Shyambazaar in Kolkata).

      Are there some basic Japanese words we must know of? Or will google translate be enough?

    3. I didn't have any need to use Japanese words- managed with English. Google translate should be enough.

      I didn't pay lots of attention to food/restaurant aspect during my visit. Please do some research or take help from your hotel staff. Best wishes


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