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Destination Hong Kong for this summer family vacation!

Summer time is here and everyone are in a mood for a quick vacation. If you’ve not considered a trip to Hong Kong yet, here’re the reasons why you should do it now.

Why Hong Kong?
While there’re umpteen destinations to consider, let us see why Hong Kong stands out

1 Direct flights: Many Indian cities have direct flight to Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s national carrier Cathay Pacific flies to several Indian cities. Air India and Jet also fly to Hong Kong. One stop flights are available from a variety of airlines, such as Air Asia, China Southern and many other airlines. You can have a return ticket for as low as 15000 INR on a sale.

2 Modern yet contemporary: Hong Kong has some of the tallest skyscrapers in the region and is known for its modern life. However city retains the chaos of a small town, lots of greenery and more.

3 Try an overnight cruise: If you can’t afford long cruises, try an overnight cruise from Star Cruise Piesces ex- Hong Kong. Two people can enjoy an overnight cruise for a fare from Rs 17000 onwards. My detailed experience here.

4. Lots of Indian restaurants: Indians are particular about food. Indian food. Hong Kong doesn’t disappoint. There’re several Indian Restaurants in Hong Kong, including the popular veg chains like Sangeetha.

5. Magical Disneyland: Hong Kong is one of the nearest cities to experience Disneyland. At least one full day can be spent here with family enjoying various experiences and attractions HK Disney land has on offer. Standby for my detailed post on HK Disneyland
6. 20th Anniversary discounts: Hong Kong is celebrating its 20th anniversary of Hong Kong SAR Establishment. You will get great bargains and deals from hotels, flights, at attractions or during shopping. Make the most of it and plan a trip this summer. Grab your coupon booklet and enjoy all the discounts.
7. Attractions to everyone’s interest: Hong Kong has all kinds of attractions within a small area to suits everyone’s interest in the family. There are dedicated shopping streets for ladies, dedicated streets for flowers or electronics. Disneyland can keep kids as well as adults busy for whole day, Victoria Peak is another scenic destination which should not be missed, Symphony of lights is a free to watch attraction every night, a boat trip to Macao can also be planned if you have a day or two to spare and so on.

8. Packages to every budget: When I visited Hong Kong, I stayed in an ultra-cheap hostel for 3 nights. (Rainbow hostel) Just around INR 1500 per person per night. There’re accommodation options to suit everyone’s budget- from cheap hostels to ultra-luxurious hotels like the Sheratons with harbour view. Select a hotel closer to a metro station and you can save on taxi expense. Unlimited use daily pass can be purchased for the metro, making it even more convenient. You can also try hop on, hop off services, dinner cruises and so on.

9. Easy visa process: Indian Nationals can get pre-approval registration online to visit Hong Kong for 14-days. This is free of charge and much simpler process than having to apply for a tourist visa

So what’s holding you back? Make the most of Hong Kong this summer. Watch the video below.


  1. wow amazing!Thank you for sharing best tourist places to go round in my next holidays.

  2. hey srinidhi
    One heck of an article sir...!
    The photos that you uploaded were fantastic..!
    I was planning to visit Hong kong and someone suggested me your blog.
    Your other articles were also great..!
    I would be looking forward for more of your experience.
    Kudos to your work sir!

  3. Thanks Ankur - have a great visit to Hong kong.. I have several posts already live on Hong Kong and Macau

    @Shalini- Thanks

  4. Useful for me... Was debating between Singapore n Hongkong.. This post made it easier...


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