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The ultra colourful Bazaar Restaurant at Grand by GRT

Bazaar is the round the clock buffet restaurant at the lobby level of Grand by GRT 4 star hotel in Chennai. Bazaar is located in an open area so that guests do not feel space constrained. The number of options offered at Bazaar is simply countless. We found about 30 varieties of pastries and sweets, a dozen + main courses in veg and numerous non-veg options and a dozen+ dessert options. While I obviously enjoyed the breakfast and lunch we had at Bazaar, I thoroughly enjoyed clicking the food items as well, because all of them were beautifully presented. The food was colourful, lighting was great, presentation was well thought through. So I clicked dozens of photos before beginning eating. Presenting some of my favorite clicks in this post, from the Bazaar restaurant of Grand by GRT, located in T Nagar, Chennai. Do visit them sometimes to experience the same first hand.

I am not much of a foodie. Help me correct the name of these items if I am wrong.

1. The donuts and ice-creams- the most colourful items!

2. The paneer, pineapple sticks

3. Pastries, Sweets and saviors

4 The Moroccan Tiles (imprints on local tiles)

5. The cheerful tables with colourful glasses

6. Chicken Biryani closeup!

7. The Juice cart! There was a dedicated section for zero calory items

8. Colourful Plates are very inviting!

9. Organic fruits and vegetables- On display and sale every Sunday!

10. Chat Counter!

11.Veg counter


Hope you like the photos... Unfortunately the taste needs to be experienced in person-can't show in pics. Standby for more posts.


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