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View of Kyoto city from Kyoto tower

Kyoto tower is located right opposite Kyoto station and is impossible to miss. During my first evening in Kyoto, as I returned to Kyoto station to pickup my bag from locker, Though Kyoto tower was not on my agenda, since it was right opposite I went closer, but I was greeted by a sign that said "Tower is closed for today because of media event". Next day I had to return to Kyoto station to catch train to Tokyo and the bullet train on which JR Pass is allowed was still 30 mins away. Thus took a decision to go to top of Kyoto tower.

The main entrance was covered with lots of people holding flowers and stuff- I guess they were waiting to receive some VIP guests. I went inside the tower, after troubling couple of people, found my way up to the ticket counter. Ticket cost is 770 Yen. Was guided to the elevator to top.

Below are some views of Kyoto city from top of Kyoto tower

Above: Kyoto Station building
Below: Kyoto city on the other sides

There is an interactive touch screen panel that gives more details about the spots visible from tower.
 A parking lot below had just one car

A Buddhist temple nearby (Higashihonganji)
Probably the most interesting experience from top of Kyoto tower would be watching bullet trains entering and leaving Kyoto station
Kyoto is a large city. Most of the places of interest are not visible at all from Kyoto tower. On my way down, I was asked to pose for a photo, which I did. A small size photo of that was given to me for free while I had the option of buying the bigger size one for 1100 Yen. I decided not to.

Visitor info:
Opening hours: 10 AM till 10 PM, all days
Fee: 770 Yen
Height: 131 meters

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