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Birds spotted in and around Evolve Back Kabini campus

The Evolve Back (formerly Orange County) Kabini campus has lots of trees, many of them fruit bearig ones, attracting lots of birds. In this post, I am showcasing the birds I clicked inside the Evolve Back Kabini campus and around its periphery. I enjoyed clicking these pictures, hope you like them. Few of them are cropped for closer look.
1. Sunbird in its nest
There is a sunbird nest infront of the main building, next to departure lounge. Despite regular human movement, this bird has chosen this place to build its nest. Spotted it several times during my 3 day stay- it would fly away if I go any closer. But on 3rd day, it didn't fly away and allowed me to take good closeup photos.

2. A house sparrow that came inside the room
When I kept the door open for a few minutes, two sparrows entered the room. They flew out after sensing my presence. Sparrows can be seen in restaurant and all over.

3. A Red Naped Ibis (Indian Black Ibis) walking on the pavement (Click here for full red Ibis of Berlin Zoo)
4. Spotted Dove. 
5. Another sparrow
6. Indian Ring Neck Parakeets- two of them playing hide and seek in-between green leaves

7. Spotted Owlet- Spotted using naturalist of Orange County, Mr. Kishen during early morning nature walk, on a tree some 300 meters from the Orange County Campus. Without his sharp eyes I wouldn't have spotted them.

8. The Greater Coucal...

9. Great Tit
 10. Yellow Wagtail (Juvenile)
11. Red Whiskered Bulbul

12. Hoopoe bird
13. Pond Heron
 14 Yellow Wagtail
15. Indian Paradise Flycatcher (Juvenile, Male)
 16 Red Whiskered Bulbul

17. Red Vented bulbul
Above are the 17 types of birds I could spot and click inside and around the Orange County Campus. Birds clicked near the Kabini river and during Forest Safari are not shown here, will be covered in a separate post.

There were many other birds that I couldn't manage to click well. Also 2 more common birds- crows and pigeons I didn't click.

Other than the birds, below animals and insects also were of interest.
Update: Thanks to Siluvai Amalan for helping me identify/correct names of many of the birds above.

1. Lizard
2. Cicada insect

3 Fruit bearing Mango Trees

4. Cashew trees

5. Jungle Jilebi nd some flower bud

6. Common Rose Butterflies- spotted during night trail. These butterflies were resting hanging from a tree, hence didn't run away. Spotted more fauna and flora during night trail- including snails, ants, lizards, toads, frogs and a water snake, but didn't take photos due to low lighting.

7. Red flowers

8. Cows coming home- a beautiful scene on the backdrops of Kabini river

9. Squirrel

11. Ant nest
 10 Various flowers

Termite home
Evolve Back Kabini is also planning a butterfly garden which is not ready yet. Overall, I was happy clicking all the life I could see in the campus.

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  1. Number 15 is a type of Bulbul I guess!

  2. Very nice captures, loved all , specially loved the "sun bird in its nest".

  3. Such a wide variety of flora and fauna. Really enjoyed the post. Have a great day!

  4. Thanks Niranjan, Animesh, Harshita, Yogi, Rupam, DocDiva and Jyotirmoy

  5. Fabulous fabulous clicks Shrini! :) LOVED this post. Being a bird lover, this was a treat:)

  6. Thanks Divsi..Some more photos from forest Safari yet to be published


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