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Para-sailing Off Pattaya beach

I hadn't tried para-sailing so far. This adventure was ticked off during the recent visit to Thailand.

A para-sailing ride which lasts for just about 2 minutes can be had off the coast of Pattaya. On our way to Coral Islands, we were dropped off at a mid-sea platform. Here we bought the ticket at 500 baht per person (INR 950 approx) and joined the queue. The wait time lasted for over an hour before our turn came. The ride is very short, a quick round around the platform.

There were 2 other similar platforms offering para-sailing. As a tourist we didn't have a control which one to go for. Assuming all offer same service at same cost.

Other than plain cloths, additional objects on your body are not allowed during sailing. In particular following items are not allowed during para-sailing:
  • Spectacles
  • Chains, rings, ornaments
  • Bags, camera
  • Footwear

If you have someone in your team who won't be sailing, he/she can take care of your belongings, else leave your expensive stuff back in hotel.

You'll be asked if you wish to have a dip in the water. A marking will be made on your hand accordingly. If you want a dip, boat will slow down and you'll slowly go down due to gravity and eventually touch the water. As you touch the water boat picks momentum and you'll be pulled up.

As your turn comes, you'll be fitted with a harness (to which the chute will be fixed later) and a life jacket for safety. Once your turn comes, you'll be escorted to the front of the deck, where an incoming person will be unhooked and you'll be hooked to the chute. 
Once you're airborne, the ride lasts only about 2 mins- one round around the platform. You can't enjoy much in that time, but is worth experiencing, if not done before.

A photo of yours will be taken- one while you're about to fly and one when you land, which can be bought later for about 100 baht. I didn't buy these pics. They print all the photos hopping that tourists will buy them. If they're not bought, all will go waste.

If there're small kids, a staff member will fly along with him/her.

Seeing the crowd, I had a thought that we can try this while returning from Coral island. But the crew didn't encourage that. I realized that it would have been bad decision, because in the afternoon, while returning from Coral island, I saw that these platforms were empty. No people, no boats. Looks like they're operational only in the morning half.

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