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Review: Hotel Le Fenix: Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Le Fenix is a nice 8 floor hotel in Sukhumvit area of Bangkok. The hotel management seems to be obsessed with L, so almost everything in this hotel is L shaped- the windows, the door handle, the floor mats, the false roofing and so on...

Rooms are well equipped with safety lock, coffee maker and other standard facilities. Flexible reading lamps hear the pillow are nice.
Above: View of the room (notice the L shaped window) and the bathroom door which is semi transparent and has a significant gap. Doesn't offer full privacy if you're particular about it.

The pool is located at 7th floor and is just 1.05m deep. It is good enough to get wet and play in water, but not good for any practical swimming. Gym is also located at 7th floor and has one set of basic gym equipments. Open from 6AM to 9PM (unlike 8AM to 8PM as in Pattaya Garden hotel)
Sky train station is about 1 km from Le Fenix Hotel (Nana station). Couple of Indian restaurants are also nearby (Dosa King)

Hotel staff are fine. Not all can speak English, but a staff who couldn't converse in English ensured that someone who speaks English called me back to clear my doubt.

Restaurant is OK. Opens at 6AM. On first day, when we went there at 6 AM (as we had to leave early for Tiger temple tour) our main item- the fresh fruits were not yet ready. They had rice soup (Ganji in Kannada) but no pickle :( 

1000 baht per room was blocked as security amount.

Key cards got de-activated about 1 hour before our check out time. We had to get it re-activated

6th floor is a smoking floor- avoid that floor if you don't smoke. If you're on 3rd floor, you have to pass through the restaurant to reach your room.

Le Fenix is part of the Acor hotel chain (they also own Ibis and few other hotel brands). You'll get some loyalty points  if you have the membership card. But membership card is not free.

Also be advised that Sukhumvit doesn't have a good reputation as a locality. But we didn't find/experience anything objectionable. You may use your discretion.

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