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Centara Grand mirage beach resort, Pattaya

As I was going for a small walk towards the beach from our hotel in Pattaya, I spotted this big building- in fact two buildings connected by steel structures.
It immediately reminded me of the Palm hotel in Dubai. Obviously The Palm Atlantis is much more grandeur and this one looks like an imitation. From the net I learnt that this building is called Centara Grand Mirage beach resort.
 Close up of steel structures. Looks like fancy one and not for people to walk across. but not sure.
Below: A photo of The Palm, Dubai for reference, sourced from net (Tripadvisor)
Also here's another building complex with 3 identical building. Not sure what it is called. The thought that came to my mind was this- keep a boat on top of this and it can be Bangkok's Barina Bay Sands
Below: Marina Bay Sands in Singapore
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  1. Your posts proves that Pattaya is not just only about a tourist city but in terms of real estate development it is giving a tough fight to well developed cities like Dubai and Singapore.
    No doubt those beaches, shopping spots and other tourist spots in Pattaya are really awesome. But well constructed of resorts is also working well to increase beauty of Pattaya.


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