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Why no 360 degree view of base variants?

Automakers do setup a website for their cars and almost all manufacturers give a provision to view 360 degree view of the car. 360 degree view of the car, both interior and exterior, helps car buyers see the vehicle inside out without having to go to the showroom.

But I have one complaint.

All car makers show 360 degree view of only top end variant. No car website will have 360 degree view of lower end variants. Why is this? Why can’t a user select the variant and see its interiors as is, than seeing a top end variant and visualizing how it will look with some of those features/components missing in lower variants?

Websites do give a list comparing features in different variants, but not detailed 360 degree view.

While top end variants (ZDi, ZXi of Maruti, Titanium of Ford, V variant of Toyota etc) will have more features, not everyone buys it- either because it is beyond their budget or because they don't feel the need for the extra stuff offered in some variants. However, those who buy lower variants need to see the top end variants and visualize how it would look without some of the features.

Low cost variants (like LDi, LXi of Maruti, E and G variants of Toyota, Exi variant of Ford etc) are often stripped off of features like power windows, fog lamps, alloy wheels, tachometers etc (these are visible ones I'm talking about, other than the non visible stuff like ABS). Why not give a 360 degree view of these variants in their true look?

Below: 360 degree view (interior) of Renault duster

Do you agree?

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