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Spiderman can't work in Thailand too

I'd written earlier why Spiderman can't work in India, and in Chile as well.

Now I realized that he can't work in Thailand either.

Like India, even Thailand has hundreds of cables hanging all around. These cables are just too many in number and looks like there're no plans to move them underground and spider man is sure to get stuck in these. India looks much better.

Below: On the streets of Pattaya
Below: Near Indra mall, Bangkok
Somewhere in Sukhumvit area
Standby for more on Thailand

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  1. Hmm.. Nice photos Shri.. Good caption too..

  2. Those are interesting images. But tell me, is it any worse than India?

  3. Seriously, he can't and as USP asked, How bad is it in India?

  4. Jnaneshwara: Thanks

    Deepak: Thanks

    Uma Shankar: I feel India is not that bad. Most of the cables are under ground now. Only in some old areas it is like this

    Saru: It is getting better in India.


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