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Golden Buddha temple, Bangkok

Golden Buddha was the first temple we visited in Bangkok. Called as Wat Traimit  it local languages, it consists of a Golden Buddha statue, which is reportedly made of solid gold weighing upto 5.5 tons (valued at 1700 crores at current price of 3000 Rs per gram) Statue is about 3 meters in height.
Temple complex is relatively small in area- a nice white building with generous gold colour decorations. The temple design is slightly different from other temples in Bangkok

Not just the statue is majestic, the doors and ceilings are also catchy.

Above: Outside view of Golden Buddha temple
Left: Closer view of the temple

The campus has another buddha statue in a separate building

We went there as part of package tour and we were given only 20 minutes to explore this place. Could have spent some more time as there weren't much items on the itinerary. More about that later.

Vehicles are allowed inside the campus and parking space is limited. May be this is the reason for short time given to us. In the interest of temple, it will be better not to allow vehicles inside and make some space for them nearby. But this temple being in middle of town, space is premium.

Below: another buddha in same Golden Buddha temple complex.

There's no ticket to enter this place. There's also a museum in the temple complex, which we didn't explore as our guide never bothered to explain about it and give enough time.
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