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Udupi Paryaya Utsav 2022- Schedule, what to visit

December 2023 Update: Click here for Paryaya 2024 schedule

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Paryaya is a once in a two year event held in the temple town of Udupi in coastal Karnataka. Paryaya is held to celebrate the handover ceremony of the temple from one matha to another (among the 8 mathas that manage Udupi Sri Krishna temple one after another).

Naturally Paryaya is a big event for the locals and if you are in Udupi at that time or planning to visit Udupi to be part of this Paryaya event, you might be looking around for a schedule or plan, so that you can decide where you should be at what time.

I was also scouting for the same and below is the 2022 event schedule I have got. Most of the events are accessible only by key people who are part of the rituals. General public can’t crowd every spot where some pooja or event is happening. Given covid protocols, access will be further restricted at all events.

As a general public, you can visit/witness the following programs. Be sure to follow covid appropriate behavior all the time

  1. The procession: If you can stay awake till 4 AM or get up at 3 AM, you can view the Paryaya procession pass through main areas of Udupi- mainly the car street and other roads surrounding Sri Krishna temple. You will have to find yourself some elevated position- get room in a hotel if possible or climb any building that allows public to get into level 1 or 2

  2. Temple lunch at 11 AM onwards- visitors can enjoy delicious meals provided by the temple as part of their everyday commitment to society. Do expect some extra dishes during Paryaya days.

  3. Visit Sri Krishna temple: Visit when there are no major events/poojas so that you can get access with less crowd.

  4. Street decorations & shopping: Witness Udupi town at its best with streets and shops decorated, selling stuff at extra discounts.

  5. Cultural events at Rajangana: You can attend a series of cultural events at Rajangana from about 3 PM. Cultural events span across 3 to 4 days, so you can a program of your choice or as per your interest and convenience.

6. Unofficial events

There will be many cultural programs and other events not part of official Paryaya schedule. Many people take advantage of Paryaya event and plan their own programs by the side. You will see updates in social media groups

Other things to note:

  • Park your vehicle somewhere away and walk around, as there could be lots of traffic restrictions and finding a parking spot could be tricky.
  • With covid guidelines changing by the hour, do keep an eye on the news for latest restrictions

Workload, covid rules permitting, I will try to attend Paryaya 2022 events as much as possible and bring you more updates post event.


  1. We are from Delhi n are presently in Udupi. We wish to be part of the programme but can speak Hindi n English languages only. We earnestly seek guidance n directions please. Regards...

    1. welcome to Udupi. You can enjoy city decorations, cultural programs and temple visit without knowing Kannada.


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