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Cartoon Habba Kundapura: what to expect?

Cartoon Habba is an annual event focused around writing and promoting cartoon art, held in coastal town of Kundapura in Udupi district, Karnataka.

I had attend one event several years ago and visited again this year. This post tells you what to expect at the event

Cartoon Habba- basic information
  • When? Every year December, usually first few days, Dec 3rd to 5th in 2021
  • Where? Kundapura- Exact venue may change- Atharva complex this year
  • Entry fee: None
What to expect?
1. View cartoons: Cartoon habba exhibits various cartoons written by main artist Satish Acharya and others. You might have seen them already on social media or print media, but good to see best of them displayed during the event.
2.Buy Books: You can buy various books related to cartoons- photo of cartoons written etc. Priced around INR 200-250

3. Get your caricature: An expert artist may be available to draw your caricature. Your payment will be used for some social cause

4. Competition: Organizers announce different types of competition related to cartoons- focused on themes, target group (like school students)- if you wish to try your hand on cartoon writing, you may give it a try and win some prizes too.
5. Stage events: Several talks will be organized during the course of the event. Do check the schedule for timing and topic.

6. Celebrity visits: Many local politicians, celebrities are invited to cartoon habba. You might get to meet them if you are there when they visit.

This year I visited Cartoonu habba venue at about 9.30 AM, which was bit too early as no one was there. Best to visit after 10-10.30 AM before 5 PM.

Where to get latest details?
2021 Cartoonu Habba is done. You can try attending 2022 edition. You can follow Satish Acharya on social media for updates.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about Cartoon Habba Festival. Satish Acharya one of my most favorite cartoonist.


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