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2021 travel summary : 20k kms within Karnataka

2021 was fully dedicated to local travel. I didn't take a single flight whole of 2021- an unusual case since a decade, all thanks to pandemic. Instead used this opportunity to explore in and around my home town of Udupi. Most of my friends and other travel bloggers have done better- a few had couple of international trips and almost all of them had a few domestic trips. I should have taken few flights in October/November time when situation was at its best and Omricon was not yet in picture. Anyway I had good time exploring local areas in own vehicle with friends after a very long time, not having to worry about car bookings, flight bookings and other things.

Just one visit out of state to TN and one border crossing into Goa, rest all were within Karnataka. Car has logged about 14000 kms in 10 months and another 6000 kms in bike. That is about 20000 kms of travel in a pandemic year. Fortunately no accidents, no health issues, no covid test. Only lots of memories.

Jan 2021
Feb 2021
No travel, busy visiting car showrooms. [Tata * Hyundai * Renault]

March 2021

April 2021
Hattiangadi, Naguru

May 2021
Lockdown, no travel

June 2021
Lockdown, no travel

July 2021
Beluru, Halebeedu

August 2021
September 2021
October 2021
November 2021:
December 2021

Thanks to all my friends who joined me on some of these trips dispute the covid risk.

What's up for 2022?

I am almost done visiting all places in Udupi district, so will focus on adjacent districts- DK, UK, Shivamogga in 2022 and if situation permits a bit of Kerala, Goa and MH. Hopefully couple of international trips if situation improves and budget travel is viable. New variant has played spoil sport, so have to see how situation takes shape. May be mid 2022 normaly may return?


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