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Buddha Hill Statue, Mulem Goa

Buddha Statue is a tourist attraction in south Goa, in Mulem area. August last year we couldn’t visit the spot because we reached a few minutes later after closing time. Jan 2023 I visited again and could explore a bit. Below is what to expect at Buddha Statue, Muslim Goa.

What to expect at Buddha Statue Hill, Goa?

  • Buddha Statue: A small size white buddha statue is placed on top of the hill. I was expecting a much bigger one. There is a nice view of the surrounding from the hill.
  • A well- not accessible, can’t pull out water from it, can only see
  • Goa’s tallest selfie point: Top of the hill is said to be Goa’s tallest selfie point. But hilltop is full of grass and shrubs and trees, so the path to top point was not very clear.
  • Rocks: Again the path was blocked with vegetation, didn’t have the appetite to carve my way, so came back

Where is the Buddha Statue in Goa?

Buddha statue is 10 kms from Madgaon and 45 kms from Panaji, Goa. You can follow google maps and reach there.

Entry fee: Buddha Statue visit costs INR 150 per person

How are the roads? Last 2.5-3 kms is pure off-road. I could reach 90% on my venue but will be tricky if 2-3 cars drive up same time. 4 wheel drive recommended. Easier on bike, else you’ve to park at the basement and trek 2-3 kms up.

Facilities available at Buddha hill: None. You are on your own, carry whatever you need. You will definitely need some water climbing uphill.

Timing: 6.30 PM gates close, aim to reach early morning or by 4 PM

Is Buddha Hill in Goa really worth? I don’t think so. If the road was good and if the top of the hill was well maintained, then it could have become a tourist attraction. Either due to shortage of funds or because promoters want to keep the place rustic, it is kept minimal at the moment. I can’t justify spending 600 INR for 4 family members to hike up.

I am sure promoters have some vision and plan for the place. So if you have some spare time and don’t mind spending a bit feel free to plan a visit.

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