Monday, September 14, 2009

Some more random photos

Posting some more photos taken in recent past.

1 A tribute to MJ?
An image of Michel Jackson was being made with pieces of black and white cloths at City Center last Saturday.
A tribute to Michael Jackson2.What happens when you let loose a van full of photographers to shoot sunrise on an early morning? Everyone trying their best with varying angles, views, settings... Clicked a month ago during Chitradurga trip.
photographing morning sun3.A group photo of organizers and volunteers at CII Connect 2009 Conference which concluded recently at Chennai. I contributed there as official blogger.
CII connect2009 volunteers4 Infosys MD K Gopalkrishan (right) releasing Kiruba Shankar (left)'s new book: "Wikipedia: A beginner's guide". Book launch happened during the Connect2009 conference and I got an autographed copy later in the day.
Kiruba Shankar and Infy MD K Gopalahrishnan releasing book(Note: Above 2 photos of Connect2009 are by Balakrishnan.)

5 Statue of someone (if you can identify this person pls comment) being downloaded from truck, assumably for installation close by-spotted on RK Salai this Sunday. Some more statues still standing inside, waiting for their destination.
Annadorai's statuesUpdate: It is the statue of C.N.Annadurai (Thanks to Hari and Ram)

6. Two photos of Vanivilas Dam (click to enlarge)

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Mridula said...

The second one is my pick of the lot!

Mohan said...

Panoramic view of vanivilas dam is good. Where is it Shrinidhi?

Shrinidhi Hande said...

I guessed it...

Mohan, it is not a panoramic view-just two independent photos..

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Ruchi said...

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hari said...

I THINK the statue is of C.N.Annadurai former tamil nadu CM.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Hari, thanks for that input. Another friend of mine also said the same thing. Updating the post with credit.

shraddha/april@theselfloveproject said...

great pictures!

i am really enjoying your blog!Sorry for updating my reader after so long...
but now it is all updated and i have all my new contacts in..i will definitely enjoy all your blog posts on my google reader hence forth.