Thursday, March 08, 2012

A tribute to women

I don’t believe in having one particular day to celebrate something. But then, we need an excuse to celebrate certain things, lest we’ll forget completely.

I don't often write on these days either. But this time using this opportunity to publish few photos of women I’d clicked. Nothing stylish in these pics. But they do represent reality

Lady in this picture lives near our ancestral village. She is the friend of our grandmother. Her name is Mooka. Don’t ask me what it means. Few years back when we met her, we connected her to our grandmother via phone and she was all excited to talk to her friend.

Let me click it:
Clicked recently in front of Arobindo ashram, Pondy. This lady tries her hand clicking a photo, using her son’s (assumed) DSLR

She carrying a pot and in front of me the pot fell down and broke into pieces- Originally published in this post

Helping them turn independent
Sometime in 2010, I invested about 10k via Rangde to help 6 rural women turn entrepreneurs, by funding a part of their business. 4 of them have fully repaid their debts now, while I had to incur losses in case of two others, (due to debacle in Andhra Pradesh after micro finance related suicides)- more details here here and here
My clicks of some influential women:

Waheeda Rehman: Clicked during a Rangde event in Chennai
Finally, an old photo of a loved one


Sujatha Sathya said...

beautiful women and lovely clicks

Agni Sharman said...

Nice clicks.

Was wondering who's the last picture was... mom?

alka narula said...

outstanding clicks...

magiceye said...

lovely tribute

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks Deepak, Alka, Agni, Sujatha...

Agni: yes