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Tiger closeup photos: Thyavarekoppa, Shimoga

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Hadn't seen tigers and lions up close since sometime. Visit of Bannerghatta National park and Vandaloor Zoo Chennai were the previous encounters.

Had a chance to see them again.

Thyavarekoppa Tiger and Lion safari is a place 12 kms from Shivamogga town. It is famous in the locality for its tiger and lion safari. Due to summer time, most of the trees had shed leaves and the campus was looking very dry and dull. Animals were lazing around, probably cursing tourists who disturb their habitat on the weekend.

Thyavarekere tiger and lion safari has good amount of entry fee- Rs 30 per adult, Rs 20 for still camera, Rs 50 extra per person for Safari, Rs 300 for foreign nationals and Rs 250 for video camera. (Taking video camera is a total waste, as the animals here hardly make any movements)

Managed to zoom in and take some close up photos of the tigers and lions. Sharing some photos of tigers here. (Lions and others in a separate post). There're about 10 of these in the campus. They are often exchanged between nearby zoos.

It is a tough task to focus right- camera often focuses on the mesh grill, ignoring the animal behind. While clicking from a moving vehicle, through a tiny hole, needs to be lucky to get clear shot.

I had been there some 5 years ago. Made made a slide.com album of those photos and had published in this post. Now Google has bought slide.com and killed it. So that (and many other early posts of mine which had slide.com album is now defunct. Anyways, that is a different task.

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  1. super pics!..the tiger looks scary :D

  2. given the constraints, lovely captures!

  3. Some lovely pictures there of the Royal Bengal tiger. The pictures have come very good despite being taken from outside the nets. I would say a bit of sharpening will really make them stand out.

  4. Looks like you had one great an adventure .. and you also have trophies to show!!

    Awesome pics!! Would visit a few tigers in their home someday!!

    with regards
    Another Author

  5. Hi, I just started a blog any advice for it would be great. (icravehistory.blogspot.in)

  6. Tiger Tiger Burning Bright!! No wonder the Big Cat always has a statement to make. In its own way his majesty finds ways to shine.. Loved the pics. Great captures mate :)

  7. Thanks Sedated, MeMirza, Rohan, Abhishek, Deepak, Indrani, Ramakanth

  8. I have been to shemoga twice but it didn't heard about this place, thanks for sharing, fantastic photography.

  9. Super:)
    Were you scared?

  10. Divenita: Not scared as I was in the cage.. i mean inside the safari van


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