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Seethalayyana giri matt,Chikmagalur

Seethalayyana giri is a stop over point on the way to Mullayana giri in Chikmagalur district.
We were there last October in an Aria. But that time, it was getting dark and we’d to return without getting to spend much time. The drive till top was fun, so I wanted to drive there again.

Recently we went to Mullayanagiri and Seethalayyan giri again.
This post is about Seethalayyanagiri, which has a viewpoint and a matt. It is a very small place and worth a 10 minutes break while returning from Mullayanagiri..
We found couple temple carts- one with stone wheels, other with wooden wheels. They were recently painted and appeared bringht. Few photos of the place for your reference.

Tried some colour effects with my 5100

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