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Nrityagrama & Taj Kuteera, Hesaragatta, Bengaluru

As I was searching for places to visit around Tumkur, I came across Nrityagram. Since there was nothing specific to do on a Saturday, I decided to check out Nrityagrama. What I thought to be a half day trip, ended up consuming almost whole day, due to poor public transport to this area

What is Nrityagrama?
Nrityagrama is a dance school- it runs a residential program, wherein students stay in the campus and learn various forms of traditional dance.

What is there?
The campus has an old beetle car, few damaged buildings, cottages where students stay, some landscaping, gardening, an amphitheatre and  a place where dance practice is held. Visitors are allowed to view pupils practicing dance. When we went there, they were practicing an Odissi dance. Photography is not allowed in the practice area.

We went inside, paid entry fee, we were given a brief intro by the staff (She said students join for 4 year residential program after a tough selection process). We spent some time observing dance practice, then went for a walk in the campus. Few photos below

How is the campus?
I found that the campus isn't that well maintained. Nothing exciting as such. Certainly not worth the long journey,unless one has lot of interest in classical dance. Overall the campus appeared unattended and rustic.

What else is there?
There's a Taj Kuteeram hotel next to Nrityagrama. It is an expensive hotel with room rents starting Rs 3500+ taxes onwards. I guess VIPs who visit Nrityagram or Adarsh Film institute nearby are its primary customers. A cup of tea costs Rs 80. However this hotel has much better landscaping than Nrityagrama

On the way to Nrityagrama there're few film institutes, a dried up waterbody and a big poultry institute

Where is it located?
Nrityagrama is located some 30 kms from heart of Bengaluru (i.e. from Kempedowda bus terminal or City Railway station). One should take Tumkur road, turn right towards Hesaraghatta near Peenya. From Hesaraghatta, Nrityagrama is another 6 kms or so. City buses are available till Hesaraghatta-bus frequency is less- may be one in every 30-60 minutes. From Hesaragatta auto is the best option to reach Nrityagrama

Is the entry free?
No. There's an entry fee of Rs 50 per person. Visitor timings are from 10 AM to 2 PM

Is it worth going?
No, unless otherwise
a. You're very passionate about classical dance and wish to observe others learning and may be get your questions clarified
b. You're passing via Tumkur road, have couple of hours to spare and there's nothing better to do

More details here


  1. I had heard such beautiful things about the campus of Nitryigram...maybe it has gone down since the days of Protima Bedi...nice post...

  2. Nrityagram seems like a very ancient place, but all the more inspiring to participate in traditional dances. It gives an air of profoundness in it and I think they can take advantage of it. Excellent selection of venue.

  3. i didnt know about this place at all...i loved the flowers...thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks Suchi, Jay Obeck, Shirin and Alka


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