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Wifi God: Make your own miracle: An idea

Lot of miracles keep happening- gods used to do lots of miracles in the past- a linga emerging out of nowhere and how it is a great temple, a never ending stream of water emerging out of a rock because a god hit it with his arrow, some strange light/sound coming out of nowhere and instructing local priest to build a temple… The stories are endless and believing or not believing them is left to every individual’s discretion.

Recently a photoshopped image of lord shiva is making rounds, claiming it appeared in Himalayas. 
Someone promptly made a replica of it using Vijay Mallya’s image to show how these things can be faked. Never the less, these are some ideas to get some publicity.

Appearance of sound, light, water and other earth elements is so 19th century ish. I’ve a new idea if anyone wants to implement.

If you want some publicity to a rock or a hill near your place, try the following:
  • Select a nice rock/hill
  • Hide a wi-fi router somewhere deep, ensure that it starts transmitting wi-fi signal
  • Spread rumor that wi-fi is available out of nowhere and this is due to god’s intervention.
  • Devotees all over the world would come down, expose their iPads, iPhones and sundry other devices to the wi-fi and feel great about the divinely wifi
  • Claim that god sent you a twitter DM or FB message and asked you to build a temple for him
  • Collect funds from the devotees, build a small temple
  • Encroach few hundred acres of land around the temple
  • Employ a set of followers (or better still, brainwash some devotees to be your followers for free)
  • Live like a king in your wi-fi kingdom
Images from internet.

(Note: keep paying your internet service provider)

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