Monday, July 15, 2013

Everyday Challenges

What are the challenges you face every day?

  • For some, the primary challenge is to find a way to feed themselves and their family for that day. If you’ve crossed this stage and don’t have to worry about food for near future, you’re lucky
  • For some, challenge is to survive till the month end with the meager salary. They struggle to save every rupee, work overtime to earn a few rupees more, all in an effort to make ends meet. If you’re not facing this challenge and have an income good enough to cover your monthly spend, you’re lucky.
  • For some, the challenge is to meet tomorrow’s income with today’s expense. Living off credit cards and EMIs, these hope that their next promotion, next hike or next job change will bring joy to life, clearing their pending dues. What they don’t realize is that until spending in curbed, they’ll never be able to save. If you’re going through this, wake up before it is too late.
  • For some, the challenge is to keep up their status among peers. They strive to show off with latest cloths, cars and other luxury items, in an attempt to win peer recognition and a false sense of importance. They feel low if a colleague or neighbor overtakes them in this race, by owning a fancier car or something like that. If you’re going through this phase, you’re unlucky. Correct your approach to be able to live happily
  • For some, challenge is trying to decide where to strike a balance between work and life. How much time one should spend at work earning money and how much time one should spend enjoying life- doing things they love-travel, reading, cooking, farming and so on.  This is a touch decision-earn too less, nothing much will be left to spend on your passion, earn too much taking too much time, no time left for passion. While weekends help, many a time a 2 day weekend is just not adequate. How do you relish the challenge and strike a balance?
  • For some, challenge is to convince themselves on what they’re doing is right. Somewhere deep within, they want to follow their heart and live free, but their mind doesn’t consent. Fear of failure holds them back and makes them hang on to whatever is deemed safer. Neither being able to gather courage and follow the heart, nor being able to live comfortably with that they have, these people live a tough live which eventually leads to increased frustration and reaches breaking point. If you’re in this phase, don’t continue in a state of dilemma forever. Take a decision- the easy or the tough one and move on.
  • For those few who’ve chosen to be one’s own boss, challenges are of a different nature. With no guaranteed monthly income, they need to constantly sell whatever their company is selling and ensure regular income. They need to prove to their family and friends that they did the right thing by starting their own venture and not hanging on to a day job. If you’re in this sphere of life, my best wishes to you, to cherish the challenge and come out in flying colours
  • For some, challenge is no longer about money. They’ve the money, power and status, but hardly anyone with whom to share this wealth. In their quest for money and power, they would have deserted close friends and relatives. Now with all the money, they need to battle loneliness. 

  • For some, the challenge is to hide the extra money earned through illegal means. Despite having every luxury money can buy, they live in a constant state of fear and suspicion.
What challenges are you facing today and how are you relishing them?


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Anonymous said...

One of the challenges I face is to face my mother's partial towards my brother and his wife.. Everyday I ask the question to the God how to balance her mind equally towards both her sons.. This is my biggest challenge..

Arumugam Easwar said...

Life is full of challenges.So, we need to change all our wrong mind-set to face such challenges.

Nice, inspiring write

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks Sir said...

This is one of the most rational post I have read on day to day challenges
very rightly put !!