Revv Ford Figo Aspire photoshoot

Last weekend I went on a drive with a Ford Aspire, rented from Revv. In this post I will share some pictures of the car we clicked during the drive- clicked by myself and Shrivathsa Udupa. Review will be published in a separate post.

Clicked lots of pics under the Gulmohar trees around Kanakapura road

Under the cloud near BR Hills

In the woods

Night shot


  1. I'm a kind of illiterate regarding cars :), loved the color.

  2. Now the car and the driver sitting side by side, that was a picture!

  3. Tough to say, I like the car more or the Gumohur more...

  4. @Mridula- thanks

    @Prasad- true. Very colourful scene it was.


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