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Mesmerizing Parrot Rock at Mirissa beach, Srilanka

When I posted in facebook about my Srilanka trip, a friend, Vinay HN suggested checking out Mirissa. I noticed that it came on the way while returning from Matara to Galle. Thus we stopped at Mirissa beach.

The main attraction was a mini hill some 100 meters into the ocean. Negotiating knee to wait deep water, one can cross across the ocean to the hill and get a splendid view.

The way up is very delicate and pretty risky at one point. Extreme caution is advised- particularly when wind is strong.

We didn’t spend lots of time there as it began raining. Otherwise, it is certainly refreshing to spend a few hours here in the evening enjoying cool breeze and scenic view.

 Some views from top of the rock...
There are many beaches which have rocks on its edge or few meters into the ocean- one at Mirissa seems to be most accessible and exciting.

Watch a 15 second video that shows you 360 degree view from the top of the Mirissa beach rock.

Thanks Vinay for recommending this place and we are glad we stopped here for a few minutes.

Update: Dhananjaya Moorthy confirms that this place is called "Parrot Rock"


  1. Amazing place. Beautifully documented!

  2. Awesome place. Loved the scenic sights captured.

  3. Looks like an amazing place indeed...and shot of Mirissa mountain with the overcast sky is awesome.

  4. very beautiful country . Pictures are saying a lot of words !!

  5. It is called as Parrot Rock, in Mirissa Beach

  6. Thanks Dhananjay- will update

    @ Niranjan: Thanks

    @Rupam and Yogi: Thanks

  7. Why is it called Parrot Rock? Is it because it is green or it has a lot of parrots? Nice pictures :D

  8. No idea why that name... May be your guess is right....

  9. Beach looks beautiful and I like your 360-degree video :)


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