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Life at Ramco Systems, Chennai

Last Friday, Ramco Systems, a Chennai based ERP solutions and IT products company invited a bunch of bloggers to be part of a meet intended to explain how it is to work at Ramco Systems. I did sign up, but I could go there only after my regular office hours, which meant I was late by about an hour and missed first part of the activities.

This is my second visit to Ramco after the 2014 meet on wearable ERP solutions. Though I was late to the event, Ramco team was kind enough to give a quick walkthrough of areas that I missed earlier. In this post, I am sharing few of my observations. 

Ramco strives to offer better work life balance to its employees and gives them lots of facilities and liberties to make the most of their time in office. Below are few of them:

An open and innovative HR Room- instead of fixed cubicles, HR room has different kinds of seatings- a part that inspires bar like ambiance, a section that looks like kitchen, hanging chairs for a change and so on. The monotony of standard cubicles is gone and employees can have better interactions. There were also a set of photo frames (like those you find in tourist places)

Discounted Laundry Service: Subsidized for 50% off, employees can bring their dirty laundry and get them cleaned and pressed while they return. This saves some time otherwise had to spent at home cleaning.

Punching Bags: Ever feel like punching your manager (or client?)- Go to the room on second floor where marketing team sits, get your gloves on and punch the punching bag till you are satisfied. I asked them a question "What happens if lots of people wish to use these facilities at the same time?" I was told that doesn't happen often. Hope real managers won't have to stand as substitute for punching bag :) 

Neck Massage at work: I was told that physiotherapists visit regularly and tired employees can avail a refreshing neck and shoulder massage at their work place, to help them relax. That is a very useful initiative I am sure. (Add a few massaging chairs for the leg and package will be complete)

Vibrant interiors: Most of the rooms had colourful walls and interiors, inducing energy and optimism, compared to plain walls we find in most offices.
Exercise: In house gym with instructor helps employees get enough physical action. When I went in bloggers were being given a quick dancing lessons.

Games: Different types of indoor games- such as table football to indulge in

Coffee Shop (Fika): CCD like atmosphere for a stress free interaction

Bloggers interacted with Ramco HR staff on various aspects of work life balance. Attrition is below industry standard and in single digit, we were told. Work from home is offered whenever possible and needed. Food in the canteen is highly subsidized, Most of the work force leaves before 8PM. Since Ramco is located in heart of the city (near Madhya Kailash, Adyar), commuting time to home is much less compared to those who have offices in say Siruseri, Sholinganallur or MEPS)
Besides experiencing #LifeAtRamco, event also helped us connect with other city bloggers. We had dinner at their cafetaria and said goodbye, with a wishlist of things everyone now wanted in their respective offices.
If all these excite you, you might want to check RAMCO's website for possible opportunities.


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