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Island Game of Modern Life- Book Review

I got this book from Author months ago and the review has been long overdue. Island Game of Modern life is written by first time author Himanshu Kumar and book is a great piece of work telling story of corporate life in a unique way.
Plot: In this plot, Grand Dad who is in his deathbed, tells his grandson about how he was nearly dead in his younger days and how a game with Yamraj saved his life. Rest of the book is primarily about this Game that grand dad and his IT colleagues play with Yamraj. During the course of the game the characters build up, telling their story, life history and other interesting aspects. So there is some part of the book which is pure imagination, philosophical and some of you might find that part too artificial. But once you get over that part, rest of the plot is primarily life story of lead characters (team leader/project manager/team members of an IT firm)- their individual love interests, life struggles, point of view and so on. End of all these the final chapter takes everything to a logical conclusion and throws in some wisdom about life and its purpose.

Things that I would like to highlight:
Try to read this book in one or two sittings. Because there're many concepts, characters, their own stories and sub plots, if you stop for a week and try to resume reading later (like I did) you will have tough time connecting the dots and getting full picture, as you are likely to have forgotten what all happened till the point you read last time.

Also, in the plot, it is the story of a grand dad who was software engineer- It would have been easier to believe if grandson was to the software engineer, as this phenomenon didn't exist 50-60 years ago when grand dad was in his youth. I checked with Author to cross check this point. Someone seems odd, but I continued reading keeping that logic aside, as core story is very much relevant today.

Key Summary
  • Title: Island Game of Modern Life
  • Author: Himanshu Kumar Sah
  • Publishers: Notion Press
  • Genre: Corporate Fiction/ Philosophy 
  • ISBN 13 :978-93-86009-21-0
  • Pages  242
  • MRP:  Rs 245
Island Game of Modern Life will interest you if you enjoy reading life stories of IT people or people who chase money, fame etc without knowing real purpose of life. This book will also give lots of exercise for your brain as author introduces rules of the game- different islands, their names and purpose, rules etc. 

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  2. Is this game book also has the android version??? if yes than what is the name. BTW the content you have published is awesome.


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