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enidhi drives tractor

Hyderabad, Feb 13: Within days of ace industrialist Ratan Tata taking off in a Lockheed Martin F-16, eNidhi India CBO (Chief Blogging Officer) Shrinidhi Hande had a 30 minute sortie with a 1997 Model Escorts Tractor in a private property at Parigi village, some 100kms off Hyderabad last Sunday.
Above: Contextual photo of tractor, added July 2020

Video one: Outside view

Ratan Tata holds a commercial pilot license and pilots his company plane and happily accepted Lockheed Martin’s offer to take navigator’s seat in Flying Falcon. Shrinidhi Hande holds a valid Indian license for LMV and HTV and pestered his colleague who owns a tractor back in his home, for an opportunity to drive the same.

After few months of planning and wait, the mission was accomplished recently as Shrinidhi mastered the controls and took full control of the dream machine: tractor with trailer for a good 30 mins.

After getting down from the tractor and after ensuring that all parts and components (of the tractor and its driver) are in working condition, Shrinidhi Hande spoke to media and said it was a very nice feeling and a delightful experience.

How to drive tractor and how it is different from other vehicles?
In this section we give you some basic information about tractor driving. We assume you have some experience of driving a vehicle with gear or at least have theoretical knowledge of clutch, brake and accelerator combination.

First: Tractors will have two accelerators: One hand operated lever, while the other, foot peddle. You can use either of them at your convenience, but hand lever is usually used only when it is inconvenient to use foot peddle.

Second: The positioning of clutch, accelerator and brake is slightly different from a car. In a car you’ll have a gear lever at the left most side, clutch peddles used exclusively by your left leg, a brake peddle in the middle and accelerator peddle in the right most. Your right let toggles between brake and accelerator as required.

On the other hand, a tractor has clutch peddle at the extreme left, gear levers in middle (One lever for normal operations and an additional lever for overloaded situations using which engine can deliver additional torque), accelerator peddle on the right and brake peddle at the right extreme.

The slight difference between a car’s gear pattern and tractor gear pattern is illustrated in diagrams.

Other key factors you should bear in mind regarding tractors are as follows:
Tractors are not meant for speed. The maximum speed you can try is around 30-40kms under no load conditions. Be slow and steady. They’re not meant for luxury and comfort either. They’re designed to be driven on uneven surfaces of a farm land and to pull heavy loads. The tractor seats usually do not come with seat belts and there’re no air bags either. Reversing a tractor with trailor needs some skills because the one point joint which connects the two, the moment of which is difficult to predict

Tractors are usually classified depending on their engine capacity, in Horse Power. Entry level tractors will have a HP of less than 35, while heavy duty tractors will be of above 45HP. Engine capacity will be around 2 to 3 liters diesel engine. Modern farm tractors even come with Turbo chargers, intercoolers, advanced air filters, upto 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears, besides many other features. In India Mahindra is the market leader in terms of number of units sold, while other popular brands are Farmtrac, Escorts, John Deer, Tafe etc

There’re several plug-ins available for a tractor, the most popular one is trailer, a two wheeled, load carrier which can be connected to the tractor with a joint. Rests of the plugins are various farm equipment, each having a specific agricultural usage.

Disclaimer: The Motor Vehicles Act, Govt of India, stipulates that one should possess valid driving license before driving a vehicle. With full respect to the regulatory compliance, eNidhi India hereby clarifies that no statutory regulations have been violated as the driving was done in a private property and not on a public road. Shrinidhi Hande holds valid driving license for 2, 4 and 6 wheelers and is fully conversant with traffic rules, vehicle mechanics and emergency first aid, besides hands on experience in driving different kinds of vehicles.

Location and Tractor courtesy: Jayanandan Reddy & Family
Video file data transfer and upload: Pavan Kumar
Camera used: Sony Ericsson K750i


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