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HTML “joke” tag and its attributes

Many people make statements which they assume as jokes. But people around them do not understand that what they just heard is supposed to be a joke hence fail to laugh. eNidhi India has an innovative solution for this. When you speak a sentence which is meant to be a joke and expect people around you to laugh, embed your statement with a newly designed HTML tag and use attributes to clearly state your expectations. Note: This post is supposed to be a humorous one and doesn’t intend to provide a tutorial on HTML. (For non technical people: HTML is a kind of programming language used to design web pages. A browser (such as Internet explorer) decides what to do with a text based on the HTML tags that surround it) HTML joke tag can take following attributes: isLaughOptional: Used to mark if listeners have an option of not to laugh. If it is mandatory to laugh set this attribute to "False" default value: "true" laughDuration: Tell your listeners exactly how many milliseconds they are expected to laugh laughType: Is a simple smile (widening the lips and showing 50% of available tooth) is enough, or should people laugh out loud with sound and if body actions (like hand movements, holding stomach and laughing etc) are required Example: Advantages: Using this format to tell jokes makes life simpler for others who do not understand that it is a joke… If you can think of more attributes drop a comment A recommendation is made to w3c in this regard and it’s least expected that this recommendation would be incorporated in next version of HTML


  1. Very nice, sree,

    Why not design your own XML specification for a HML (humour markup language)? :-)

  2. Great suggestion...under consideration.....

  3. &ltjoke isLaughOptional="false" laughDuration="infinity" laughType="blast"&gtHahahahahaha &lt/joke&gt

  4. Hi learn new schemas and APIs and syntax very fast... Good...

  5. More simpler and effective one widely used today is suffixing the joke or pun with LOL...! :)


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