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Outlook published my feedback in 2000

Today I had a pleasant surprise. I accidentally came across on old issues of Outlook Magazine’s online edition on internet which had published my feedback, way back in June 2000.

Outlook is India's leading Business weekly headed by Vinod Mehtha.

Sometime in June 2000 Outlook had published an article regarding IITs and after reading the same, I had written to the editor of Outlook mentioning about the possible 7th IIT that was supposed to be started in Karnataka. (That 7th IIT never came up so the issue is redundant now).

I was in class 12 at that time, studying at JNV Udupi. After I sent my "letter to editor" by post to outlook editor I totally forgot about it. Nearly seven years later, it is a surprise to see that my letter to the editor was accepted and published in a subsequent issue of outlook.

There’s nothing great in all these, probably I’m simply patting my own back, but the fact remains that my name was published in a national weekly (way back in year 2000 when I was just a student) and just sharing my joy through this post.

A request: If possible I wish to have print version of that June 19 2000 Issue of OUTLOOK for my personal archive. I know it's very difficult to get a 7 year old issue now. If you know anyone who have a collection of old issues of Outlook please let me know. Thanks

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