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Durgam Cheruvu, Madhapur, Hyderabad

Tried visiting again in 2018- but now there's entry timing restrictions. Couldn't reach before closing time.

This post gives tourist information about a picnic spot in Hyderabad, called Durgam Cheruvu. Durgam Cheruvu is a small picnic spot behind Hyderabad’s IT hub, the Hi Tech City. The place consists of a lake surrounded by rocks and hills of small size which make the scenery photo perfect. You can climb these rocks, spend time in garden, go boating (Rs 25 for about 20 mins, boats with different seating capacity available), or just sit around watching nature. You can try some mild rock climbing/trekking as well in between the rocks. You can get close up view of ducks and birds. Fountain is activated in evening. Some images of the venue can be found below. Other information Parking fee: Rs 5 (for 2 wheelers) Entry fee: Rs 10 per person Boating: Starts from Rs 25 per person per 20 mins Refreshments available at the venue. How to go there? Either take the road near Cyber Tower that goes towards cyber Perl and at the end of this road you’ll find the lake. (In this route police may stop you and ask for Identity card, as the area is full of IT companies and security is tight Other options would be to take the perpendicular road in front of Madhapur Police Station or take turn near HDFC bank near Jubilee Hills The place has two different entrances from each bank of the lake. Sometimes the spot is occupied by corporate houses and IT companies for company parties. This is a nice recreational place at west extreme of Hyderabad. Though I was staying very nearby I had not explored this place till recently... Shilaparamam is another place nearby. [details on Shilparamam here]


  1. very dirty placeto b visited in hyderabad,no sign boards,poor maintenance by aptdc,water in the lake are so dirty that,one gets diseaseseasily,and charges also increased,nothing to see there,its better to visit a local park than durgam cheruvu,its surely waste of timepoor cooperation by the staff,very horrible ....if maintained properly it will surely be a tourist spot.

  2. After 2 years this post gets a comment...


    The place was reasonably clean when we visited it 2 years ago. Thanks for updating us on latest situation. Hope they maintain it well.

  3. I wouldn't say the situation is as bad as Chilukuru has made it to be. Durgam Cheruvu has a nice park at the entrance, some nice walks, and lots of people were doing boating, though thats not something I'm inclined towards. I think the difference lies in where you're looking at it from - from the Hi-tech city road, in front of the New Mall, it looks like an ugly dump, while from the main entrance, its really pleasing.
    Of course, it does not live up to its name. Durgam Cheruvu, as you may know, means secret lake.

  4. one of the worst place not as per the beauty, but, the behaviour of the couples who visit there.they have sex amidst the bushes,trees, prostitution is also taking part there. plz do keep a step.

  5. Its close to 3 years since I last visited there to Durgan Cheruvu. It wasn't so bad then.

    I too heard about recent developments from a few Hyd based friends...


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