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Why Spiderman can't work in India...

Recently eNidhi India was secretly commissioned by top bollywood production houses recently to conduct a feasibility study on a probable bollywood remake of Hollywood blockbuster “Spiderman”

This study, carried out extensively at several Indian cities, concluded that it is not at all possible to make such a movie in India. The final report which we submitted to our sponsors in this regard consists only of a set of photographs and is now made public.

Here’s why Spiderman can’t work in Indian cities.
hanging cables

Nothing strikes your mind? Focus on the loosely hung wires in the photo…
hanging cables
Ok. Before you get frustrated and leave my blog let me tell you why.

If Spiderman tries to fly in Indian cities, the way he used to in the movie, he will get stuck between these electric, telephone and other sundry wires that are carelessly hung around in all our cities. The additional effort involved in rescuing him from these wires every time makes it not worth considering.

I can provide hundreds of photos similar to the ones above but thought two are enough.

Now, coming to realty, don’t we have a better, sophisticated and decent way of laying these cables? How electric and telephonic cables are set in other countries? Why is that all our streets are full of these carelessly hung cables and wires?

How can we make our cities "Spiderman Ready"?

Leave your thoughts and suggestions in comments...

The primary idea behind this topic was derived from a statement made by my flatmate Prasad and the credit for concept goes to him


  1. dear nidhi it was real funny that spider man cant swing in india due to electric poles and telephones wires but as an KPTCL engineer i felt real frustrated due to two reasons bcas 1 being a huge fan of spiderman i think he will find some way to swing what dou say? 2 as a KPTCL engineer i can say that those mesh of wires are to removed year by year we are already using cables . and hope u can see those improvements atleast in blore if u look around
    spider man can swing in india due to large IT buildings which are comming up thanks due to bloom in IT which has increased the infrastructures and spiderman has to come since the gap between rich and poor has increased and resulting in crime rate increase thanks agin to IT bloom

  2. Glad this post received a comment after almost an year...

    Sparks, yes there're few buildings in Bangalore between which Spiderman can fly...

    But a significant part of our cities yet to be made spidy friendly.

    From your expertise as an BESCOM engineer, what would be the best way to avoid messing up like this and lay electric cables in more professional manner?

  3. I am from Ahmedabad and working Bangalore. Also worked in Gurgaon/Delhi, so I know the diffrerence between Ahmedabad and other cities.

    Covered stormwater lines
    Underground electricity

    Overhead electricity

    Open storm water lines, that too square
    Open drainage lines

    so now you know the solution, underground power lines is the best.

  4. Dmp,
    that sounds like a good idea. I've not seen underground power cables. Thanks for sharing

  5. India should have its own superhero who can avoid all the cables!

  6. Spiderman in India will have an electrifying experience.


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