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Writing about dreams

Recently my cousin Sandesh Karanth mentioned in his blog [link here] about his dream and invited few other bloggers, including me to write about our dreams. Another good post on dreams can be found here

Thinking about dreams and what to write about it, I’m penning down some key points here about dreams. I’ll write about my dreams at a later time in some other post.

“Dream”, “My dream”, “the most interesting dream I ever had”, titles of this kind are extremely popular topics for high school essays. Reason being, you can write anything and everything you want to write about and call it a dream. This provides room for creativity and allows writer’s imagination to work at its best.

To elaborate above paragraph a bit, in a dream you can assume any character (Spiderman, Tom Cruise, George Bush… anyone) and narrate any sequence of activity you can imagine… (Like Angelina Julie came and kissed me… I became a CEO of my company; I won one billion dollars… whatever) and when you have to stop (if you exceed word limit; or if you have nothing else to say or if you’re out of time etc) you can stop the story at any point with statements like “I just woke up and realized that it was just a dream” or “It was my mom who was shaking my hand to wake me up” or “I screamed in horror and my dad asked “What happened”.

No one will question your logic, story, sequence and climax if it is a dream because anything can happen in a dream. So no other topic offers this much freedom and flexibility.

I don’t dream much in sleep. I dream in broad daylight when I’m fully awake.

Thinking further, I feel dreams occur only after you get enough sleep. For example, if an individual needs 6 hours of sleep and if he/she sleeps for 8 hours, chances are that dreams will occur in 7th or 8th hour and not earlier. If you sleep for only 4 hours and force yourself to wake up (by alarm etc) you don’t get any dreams (That’s my observation and opinion, haven’t researched further on this). You never get dreams in your afternoon nap because your body and mind makes full use of this small break it gets to relax.

Dreams are necessary to have an ambition and achieve something. But I’m sure all leaders who made such statements did not mean everyone should go to sleep expecting a dream. We have no control over the dreams we get and usually these dreams are soon forgotten. To achieve something in life dream when you are awake and supplement your dream by necessary vision, strategy and action.

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