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The Approach

When you land a plane, you need to follow two steps in sequence: Initial approach and final approach. In initial approach, you get runway into visible range, align the aircraft in the direction of runway and start descending. In final approach, you ensure that the nose of the aircraft is at an elevated level (because rear wheels should touch ground first) and lower the landing gear and prepare to touch the ground. Some military aircrafts do take exception from these approaches during emergency but usually any landing would necessarily involve the above two approaches. Why I’m telling about approaches is that the approach you adopt for any particular task plays a very critical role in determining whether you succeed or not. Approach you adopt partially reflects your attitude and mainly indicates how strategic you are in your way of handling things. Let us consider some examples: To find a girlfriend different people adopt different approaches: Few get a bike (with their father’s money of course), remove its silencer, and roam around ladies hostel or women’s college making loud exhaust noise hoping to impress girls. Few think creaking a fake profile in orkut with John Abbraham’s image in it will get them Bips, few choose to enroll for Gyms, Dance classes and attend parties in the hope of making new acquaintances, few go offensive: by zeroing in on someone, and then begging/threatening her into accept him. Few others choose to salivate in front of Forums, Garudas, Centrals and such happening/hang around places. (People choose one or more of these approaches as they deem fit, as per their affordability/mentality/way of thinking...No further comments on this) When you are given a work you are not able to/capable of/willing to work on: Few declare outright that they are not going to work on it, few struggle day and night, learn the task, take it as a challenge and finish it off with success, few others cunningly delegate the task to someone else and escape, some choose to spend time till deadline approaches, then come up with dozens of excuses as to why the task couldn’t be completed…All these are different approaches. You have worked hard all through the year but didn’t get a good rating: How do you react? A few choose to succumb to their fate, accept life as it comes and proceed with it. A few start crying, make a big fuss how he/she is betrayed. Few choose to fight with the management and get some justice. Few silently find themselves a better paying job and quit. At this point I wish to recall a scenario my mother used to narrate during childhood: Two sellers: Ram and Shyam: Both had provision shop in a village. Both were honest, were selling high quality goods at same price. But Ram’s shop used to attract lot of people but Shyam was running in loss. Why? Here’s why: It is because of the approach they used to take. If he had to sell 1 kg of something, Ram always used to add some 900 gms first and then add another 100 gms in front of customer to make it 1 kg. But Shyam had a habit of adding 1.1 kg initially and removing 100 gms in front of customer to bring it down to 1 KG. Though both were finally giving same amount (1 kg) Ram’s customers always felt they got more, because he used to add in front of their eyes, while Shyam’s customers did not like him as he was removing the goods from the box in front of them. Thus, though results were same, the approach adopted made all the difference. If you have decided to fail, there’s an approach for that also. But if your approach is wrong, you will fail for sure. (This last sentence is taken from one of Ravi Belegere’s (Kannada media personality) article in Vijaya Karnataka) So, choose your approach carefully. Note: I have revised my Blog roll section. Some of the blogs I used to visit frequently are hardly updated these days, hence have implemented a rating system which I shall be revising regularly. If you haven't updated your blog even once in past several months consider updating your blogs once a while.


  1. Interesting the way you select a concept and then analyze it with examples.

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