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Work phone:A serious joke

I do not usually post jokes in this blog but this one is an exception:

A family of three: Father, Mother and Son, all working, and a maid.

One particular month, the home telephone bill comes very high and father is upset about the excessive usage of telephone. he calls for a meeting of all family members and maid, lectures about cost cutting, reducing overhead etc and finally shows the telephone bill and says "I'm wondering why the phone bill has come so much this time. I never use this phone as I use the one at my office".

The mother replies: "I too never use this one. I make calls using the my office phone".

The son also adds: "I use the company provided mobile for all my calls. I haven't made any calls using our land line".

Now all turn towards the maid, who calmly replies: "So where is the problem? All of us are using our work phones ! ! ! ..."

Jokes apart, we're always like that: If it is our property, our people, our life which is at stake, we go to any extent to protect them, but if it belongs to someone else, we hardly bother about it. Why so?

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  1. Very nice joke... never heard of this one before. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Even I heard it for the first time and found it interesting...that was the reason I thought I'll publish it...

  3. బాగుంది....


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