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My name is Nidhi, Shrinidhi. Better known on the net as eNidhi. I’m born in Udupi, Karnataka and currently operating out of Chennai. My profile and interests span over multiple categories. I work as a Business Analyst in a leading IT services company and am passionate about writing, travel, chess and more...

I enjoy writing. I wanted to become a journalist once. Have managed to get few of my works published in media so far. With the advent of blogging, I feel I’m moving away from print media since blogging is easy, quick and fetches almost instant feedbacks, as against print wherein I’ll have to wait for weeks in anticipation. But seeing my name in print has its own thrills- Some of my articles that came in print are listed below:
Ramanagara Rock Climbing - Ergo March 2009 
Binsar Travelogue in Ergo, November 2008 [Read]
Wayanad Travelogue in Ergo, October 2008 [Read]
Event Report- Dr. Stephen Crocker’s talk in Chennai Published in Ergo, August 2008 [Read]
Strategies in selling petroleum- Vijaya Karnataka (Kannada Daily), April 2003 [Read]

1 Contributed as a member of advisory board for Silicon Times for nearly 4 years during my engineering days (This was a Bangalore based IT monthly-now not in publication)
Contributed several articles to this magazine, such as Cyber Begging, Snooping
2 Member of Jury panel in our company's internal blog
3 Served as editor of various internal newsletters at the organizations I studied/work with.
4 Other blogging credits 

  • Blogging since May 2006
  • Gave a presentation on blogging, internal to my company- July 2007
  • Was part of Club Mahindra's Coorg trip for select travel blogger, Dec 07 [Details]
  • Moves blog to own domain, www.enidhi.net , January 2008
  • Post on Club Mahindra Timeshare membership- was discussed in at Barcamp Bangalore.
  • Gave a talk on Corporate Bl0gging at MMSC '08, Manipal- April 2008 [Details]
  • Live blogged the event at WebInnovation08, Mumbai, May 2008 [Details]
  • Karnataka Home minister VS Achar comments on my blog- June 2008 [Details]
  • Other than the 3 blogs I run here, I've also been contributing at Churumuri * EvanCarmichael * Helium and few more places
  • Supervised a spot blogging contest at MSRIT Bangalore and gave a talk on Blogging, September 2008 [Details]
  • Was part of Club Mahindra's Binsar trip for select travel bloggers- October 2008
  • Times of India runs a clarification for publishing one of my photographs without credit
  • Mint features my blog in a story about plagiarism by media [Read]
  • Participated in Article19, Manipal Institute of Communication's annual festival

  • Shrinidhi Hande as everything else
    Passionate about travel, Amateur photographer, enjoys driving, Chess player and more 

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    Note: Srinidhi, Shreenidhi, Shreenidhi hande, sreenidhi are wrong usages of my name.

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