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Celebrating Blog Anniversary

22nd May 2006 was when first post of this blog (formerly http://enishispeaks.blogspot.com) was released and this blog is one year old now. Few weeks ago in my 100th post I have already mentioned my experience as a blogger [Check that here] and don't have much to add at this moment.

Over past one year my blog has reached a Page rank of 3 (A page rank is Google's measure of popularity of a website. Most popular websites like Google.com have highest possible page rank of 10 while new and least popular websites will have a pagerank of 0. Page rank of 3 is not something great but not bad either, considering I was not full time into blogging. Page rank is a dynamic phenomenon and keeps changing based on how many websites link to another website. Use prchecker.net to find pagerank of any web page

Using this post to share some site statistics
All time most popular posts:
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Posts that received maximum number of comments:
None of my posts have exceeded a comment count of 10. I wasn't much active on that front...Bad but fine. Not all people have time and patience to stop and leave a comment...
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The inbound traffic for my blog has been almost equally split between Search engines, Direct visitors and Referrals. Thanks all.

Note: The traffic monitoring tools were commissioned several months after blog launch. So actual visits exceed the count shown here.

Will be looking forward for your sustained support for the days to come...


  1. Thanks Jojo and Logesh. Your readership keeps me inspired to write...

  2. Great Post ! I have read your other posts which are really informative for any traveler. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful informative information on the blog.


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