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June Photo Updates

-Removed old photos that were not loading-July 2020 update-

This post contains some new photos related to some of my old posts published earlier.
If I just update old posts regular visitors like you are likly to miss them, hence a separate post.

In my "Read this fancy number plate" post I wrote about some cars sporting unreadable number plates. Recently captured another car with such unreadable fancy number plate, this time a Skoda octavia. Logesh was probably right in saying they migh be some rich and influencial people.

In my post: Why spiderman can't work in India, I have shown some messed up cables loosely hanging ( a scene we find in most of our cities). Got few more such photos recent as a mail forward. See them below:

Banglore's BMTC updates:
BMTC has recently launched special services, besides several other services described in mu Kudo's BMTC post. The hospital service buses include beds as seats on which patients can sleep comfortably, curtains to windows to prevent dust, and these buses cover all major hospitals in Bangalore. Though those on emergency can't wait for these buses, they're good for those going for OPDs (Out Patient Departments).

Advertisements have started appearing even on doors now for Bangalore's Volvo city buses.

A recently taken photo of Women Only bus of BMTC (Though BMTC has not yet ventured into hiring lady drivers, I remember reading in newspaper somewhere else (TN/Kerala/AP I'm not sure, few female drivers are already operating)

You might have heard of Moti the dog guiding its owner to the place where thieves hid the stolen goods. This video is of our cat which lead us some distance, din't show any jewels though (or may be we failed to understand?)

For eNidhi drives tractor post one commenter wanted more info on old tractors: Here're some pics of an old tractor: Note the thin size of rear wheels.
old tractor
old tractor

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