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Karkala Bahubali, temples and other photos

Update: Slide.com which hosted my photos is shut down. So no photos in this post.
Karkala is a taluk headquarter in Udupi district, Karnataka. This post shows you couple photos taken near one of the places of tourist interest in Karkala, Gomateshwara(aka Bahubali Statue).

Fully censored and U/A certified image of Bahubali (Gomateshwara) near Karkala. The highest Gomateshwara statue is located at Shravanabelagola [Full details on Gomateshwara]

Chaturmukha Basadi: View from top of the hill on which Bahubali Statue is located. This temple is based on jain architecture and hosts statues of different Jain leaders.

Bahubali statue far view (from Chaturmukha Basadi)

Steps leading to chaturmuka basadi.

Protected monument

Tourists in front of Chaturmuka Basadi (Four face temple). Chaturmukha basadi and Bahubali statue are quite nearby, within walkable distance. The location is very photoscopic.

Gomateshwara from side

‘Rama samudra’ lake. Municipality water supply for the Karkala town comes from this lake. (I'd thought it to be a river, thanks to Devika for correcting)


Coconut plantation

Another view

1000 pillars temple (Saavira kambada basadi), Moodabidri.

Photos by Shrinidhi.Digitally compressed images. Original high resolution photos were taken on Olympus FE 170 and can be made available on request.

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  1. Rural Karnataka is a lovely place. Great photos. I've never holidayed in Karnataka. I've been only to Bangalore and Mysore.

    Kerala is also another beautiful place.

  2. I welcome you to explore Karnataka further. Check Coorg beside other popular places...

  3. I am from karkala, and I like the way you are writing about it. :)
    I liked this article a lot.
    By the way, I am also a programmer and I work and vernacular languages. I was thinking given your Kannada interests you might have some comments. I have found this new software called http://quillpad.in/kannada
    I would like to know your comments on it. It's pretty good according to me.

  4. @Sandesh: Thanks
    @Sapna: Thanks.

    I have been using Quillpad for quite sometime but I sometime and it is good, but it takes few seconds to render my english text into Kannada Unicode character. I use vishalonnet most of the time, as it directly types in Kannada. I'm not complaining, but Quillpad can get better. All the best

  5. but Quillpad is very good when I need to store the english characters used to generate Kannada script. (Kannada characters cant be saved as easily as english, so saving english character and regenerating Kannada word will be handy at times.

  6. Oh, beautiful post and pictures. I've been to these places, and it is amazing.

  7. Hi Celine.

    Thanks for dropping by and the comment. Good to see that world traveller like you visited our home town and find it interesting


  8. Yes, very interesting and, in fact, got an opportunity to be there 4 times last year.

  9. Oops, I'm poor at this:


  10. Hi.

    That is a very good post...wrote a comment...

    btb poor at what?

  11. Hey,
    Thank you. I replied to your comment.
    Poor at computer technology. :)


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