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Photo Quiz

See the picture below and tell me what comes to your mind.

A multinational IT company, in association with another Hyderabad based IT company took up lot of social service activities recently on the occasion of world environment day. They went around the city, planted trees, took sessions on importance of eco balance, risks of using plastic etc for the public.

Subsequently, Hyderabad edition of Metro Plus, a city based supplement of The Hindu, India’s National newspaper, came up with an article and a photo regarding this in its June 11 2007 issue. I could not find this particular report in the online edition of the supplement, hence giving below the scanned copy of the article.

While this author has full respects for the social service activities these techies have rendered, he has made a sharp observation in the photograph above. Because I don’t know any of these people in the photo and I don’t have anything personal against them or their company I’ve masked their company name on the T shirt. Poor quality of scanner at the cyber café has resulted in image distortion, for which I apologize.

Check the photo above and comment as to what do you think. Is everything normal? Anything odd? Something wrong somewhere? Comment your observation. I have written a small dummy case study based on the thoughts triggered after seeing this image. Before I publish that, I wish to involve my readers in this.

I’m waiting to see if your observation matches mine. Drop a comment.


  1. Similar to this, a cartoon had been doing rounds in tech circle. That is obvious, one fellow working all others just seeing as in a IT company

  2. I am wondering why around eleven people are required to plant a single sapling. I think they have come to attend a funeral.

  3. Thanks Raveesh and Vishwas for writing your views. I've couple of detailed narration of this image lined up. (Expected release: mid august) Please standby.


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