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Get latest blog entries inside outlook/orkut or other RSS readers

Many of the internet users are still not comfortable with the concept of RSS and its potential. For such people, this post tells a simple way how they can get latest blog entries right inside their Outlook. Veterans can ignore this.

Chances are that you’re unable to access blogspot and wordpress blogs on internet from certain places having restricted access. Even if you were able to, chances are you might not be checking them regularly and missing certain posts.

Get latest posts from my internet blog (and other blogs as you choose) delivered right inside your outlook. (Feature available on Outlook 2007 only)

One simple step.

Open outlook 2007, you can see the orange coloured RSS feed icon. Right click on it, select “Add a new RSS Feed”, enter as the feed URL. Select Yes.

Done. Now onwards all new posts I publish in my blog will reach your mailbox (Don’t’ worry, IT WILL NOT FLOOD YOUR INBOX. Feed contents will be diverted to a different folder other than inbox).

Similarly, you can add my feed inside your orkut: URL is for new posts and for new comments.

RSS readers come built in in Vista you can add me there or any other readers...

Enjoy reading new posts from the comfort of your inbox. But do visit and comment sometimes. I'm giving full feed to encourage this habbit.

Let me know if you have any queries.


  1. In my opinion, visiting your blogsite is better experience than getting RSS feeds to Outlook.

  2. Yes.You're always welcome. Visiting blogsite always gets you latest content, along with comments if any...


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