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Watching news inside a observation

This post shares a small observation made related to switching on TVs in movies.

Scenario: In a movie, something important is happening and one key person is not at al aware of this. His/her friend/business associate/relative etc calls him/her and asks “tumhne TV nahi dekha” (hindi for: You’ve not watched TV?) Now the person receiving the call says “Nahin, kya hua” (No. What happened?) and then switches on the TV.

In all movies, following happens without fail:

1. The viewer never needs to change the channel (The TV was set to the channel where the said news is being shown-In real life, there’s always a high probability that you’ll have to ask your caller on which channel the news he/she wants to tell is coming and then you’ll have to navigate to that channel)

2. The news item begins from start once the TV is turned on (Usually you should miss initial few lines if you switched on few seconds late)

3. They always switch off the TV after hearing one or two lines.(with anger, most of the time) They don’t check what other news channels are showing or call up someone to cross check the information.

End of post (No further interpretations)

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  1. The logic is in the message not the logic of how the message is coveyed to Sri Sri ENidhi:)) But it was interesting observation. Do you see that often in the movies made these days? I personally dont think so.

  2. Good observations, Shrinidhi. Yes, the "news" shows on Movies always have these peculiar characteristics. Also I wonder if the choice of news channel depends on the political affiliations of the movie producers/director.

  3. If it is a villain, dont forget that he'll smash the remote towards the TV screen n it breaks into pieces! Hehe!

  4. Thanks all for your comments.

    Anonymus: I just wrote my observation. Have no complaints as such.

    Hari, yes, in Movie advertising is big thing. If you pay the producer well, they'll showcase your brand in the movie wherever possible...

    Sandesh: That is true

  5. Hi! This is independent of the post under which I am posting this thing so please bear with me.( Is there another way I can do this? Write directly to you?)Do you watch the stock markets? Have you written about them? I would love to hear your comments/observations on the stock markets. I am not actually fishing for tips when I make this request:) Thanks!

  6. How do you mean you are a 'professional' amateur? Are you being paid by the advertisers for your posts - not that I have seen any:) Why dont you run GoogleAdsense on your blogsite? What do you think about Lord Ram? And the Dravidians who do not seem to like him very much.

  7. Anonymous:

    I do not have commercial interest in blogging at this moment, hence no ads as of now.

    'professional' and amateur are two contradictory words-represent that everyone can be professional in few things and amateurs in many other aspects.

    No comment on Ram issue at this moment.

    I do not have anything specific to write about stock market as of now. will write as and when I can comeup with something worth writing.

  8. My Google talk id is available at my profile. I'm reachable on mail at enidhi at

    I do watch stock markets. Will write when time comes....

    You could have left your name...

    Hope I answered all your questions.

  9. Commercial interest can arrest creativity and original thinking and affect your work or activity. I wonder if Sunita Williams thought of becoming an astronaut as a career option or she just got into it by sheer fate. I wasnt around when she visited a few places in India. I am grateful for your replies. Stockmarkets are gambling dens, the companies listed on them are red herrings. During the days when I liplocked with somebody who was Tamil I wanted to learn the language etc. I am paying attention to the Ram issue brewing in your country because it is intellectually stimulating. I wonder why you dont feel that way if you dont. I am not anonymous on purpose, the option to stay anonymous is welcome.

  10. Thanks for coming back and commenting.

    Yes, stock market is soaring, rupee is appreciating, P Chidambaram has cautioned small scale investors from entering the market at this stage. believe we should see some correction soon.

    The Ram issue is simulating indeed but there're several other issues as well. I have a job to do besides... I do not intend to write simple articles like I agree or I dont agree...Will write when I feel my post will add some value...

    Thanks again.

  11. I hope the articles that you write will add great value to your readers's lives (?) or to this blog of yours, more than you are able to in your job. Please do not write simple articles stating simply your preferences even when you feel like doing it when you have nothing to do or write.

    Thanks and good luck!

  12. I hope the 'articles' that you write will add great value to your readers's lives (?) or to this blog of yours, more than you are able to in your job. Please do not write simple articles stating simply your preferences even when you feel like doing it when you have nothing to do or write.

    Thanks and good luck!

  13. I couldn't stop myself laughing....Xcellent observation.I know it's very late to leave a comment on a blog which was written 1 year back.But couldn't stop my expressions.I dont know whether you will be able to read my comment or not(as it's for a very old blog of yours)but actually I got to know about you and your blogs through internet browsing couple of months back and that's y whenever I find time I just go through your old blogs also.You are doing a gr8 job...I like almost all of your blogs but specially those on travel and living. I think thats the area where you find yourself very comfortable as you love travelling if I am not wrong.

  14. @ Surjeet

    It is never too late to write a comment. See I've read and responded. In fact many of my old posts continue to attract some comments.

    Yes I do love travelling and have been travelling quite a bit of late.


  15. Just read this post. So the comments now.

    One more thing you might have noticed is that the news reader says a couple of lines and the focus shifts to the characters in the movie. After they debate/converse regarding the news, the reader continues reading!! When the conversation is going on, the TV gets paused!!

  16. Yes, Good observation...

    Looks funny if we want to criticize, but that's how they're used to tell the story...

    May be all those TVs have TATA Sky which claims you can pause a live cricket match (I don't know if it is for sure)


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