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Job openings in semi skilled jobs...

After being tormented by telecallers in Hyderabad, (Read: Ladies who call me everyday) I was expecting some peace (at least for initial few weeks) with my new mobile connection in Chennai. But then, the first call I got was a wrong number and first SMS I got was an advertisement.

The SMS was sent by some individual and It reads as follows:

Situation Vacant (AATKAL THEAVI-Tamil for: Need people for job)

Car Driver (Rs 7000)

Electrician (Rs 4000)

Diesel Mechanic (Rs 6000)

Motor Rewinder (Rs 4500)

Was just analyzing the salary for these jobs and was surprised to see that a driver commands highest salary in the segment. An electrician’s job requires higher academic qualification, though drivers’ job is more challenging in terms of traffic he has to negotiate, odd timings he may have to work etc. There’s no academic eligibility for Drivers’ job, except a driving license, for other jobs at least a diploma or ITI course in electrical or mechanical field will be expected. So ideally these people must be paid better than a driver.

May be they need an experienced driver to chauffeur a CEO’s BMW? May be that is the reason being relatively better pay? Or may be drivers are scarce resources? Not sure. Leaving it for your thoughts.

In an unlikely event of anyone of you interested in these jobs (for yourself or others) drop a comment, I'll share phone number of the person who sent that SMS)

Also coming up soon: I had to change this number due to poor voice clarity. That will be explained in a new post soon.

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