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Few Videos taken @ Ramoji Film City

Videos related to Ramoji Film City | Photos related to RFC

This post shares some rough, amateur videos taken from mobile camera at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad. Please note that these videos, by no means can substitute the actual experience of viewing these events live. You need to visit Ramoji Film City in person for full experience. If you haven’t or if you’re unable to, then some of these videos may compensate you to some extent

Videography is not prohibited inside RFC hence these videos are being recorded and displayed here. Contents are for domestic personal viewing only and are intellectual property of Ramoji Film City.

Video 1: Opening Ceremony:

Video 2: Wild West Stunt show: (introduction to stunt show)

Video 2-Stunt Show

Video 3: Spirit of Ramoji show-Video 1



Standby for some more posts related to RFC...
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