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Priceless बोले तो Free?

If price is not specified it is supposed to mean Zero right? Two photographs showing menus which doesn't specify the price...

First one of a popular hotel in Udupi, Karnataka (Diana)... No prices specified against the sweet items-I asked the waiter about it and he replied "I don't know why it is blank, tell me which item you want, I'll tell the price"... May be a printing error or may be management wants to keep it blank so that they can easily increase or decrease the price...
a menu card with prices missing
Another one found near a fruit juice shop in Chennai... Mango shake is priced "NIL" Because of my poor tamil and his poor english I couldn't ask him for an explanation, though he could say "Mango juice 24 rupees sir"


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  2. The word "priceless" refers to something so precious that you cannot fix a price for it.

    Maybe that's the meaning which these people have applied to unmarked items on the menu ;-)

  3. Zololkis,

    I deleted your spam comment...

    Hari...well, there's nothing unique in those sweets or juice to make them priceless...anyway...


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