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Manipal Bloggers’ Meet- MMSC’08

Bloggers Meet seems to be the new trend…Of late several such events are being organized in several metros. Good thing is that the trend is spreading to tier 2 cities also and people living far from metros are also getting an opportunity to attend them.

Subject of this post is Manipal Bloggers’ Meet and Manipal Media Students' Convention (MMSC) scheduled 18th and 19th April 2008, at Manipal, near Mangalore, Karnataka.

Manipal is a sub urb of Udupi, a district in coastal Karnataka and is popular for educational institutions (MIT, KMC and more) Syndicate Bank’s global headquarters is located in Manipal. (Related posts: Endpoint Manipal ~ Karkala Photos ~ Drive in Cinema in Coastal Karnataka Buses)

MMSC ’08 is focused around the theme “Communication through the World Wide Web” and activities involve talks by experts, an unconference on blogging, workshop on podcasting and more. 

This is a good opportunity for people around Manipal, Udupi, Mangalore etc to learn a bit more about blogging and world wide web. Entry is free.
Organizers will sponsor 40 delegates (Accommodation will be provided and travel expense will be reimbursed) for which you need to send in a synopsis on any of the topics to be discussed in the event. Last date for sending synopsis is tomorrow (1st of April) and you can register (Disclaimer: Information as given in MMSC website. I am not trying April Fool prank…) Other participants will have to make their own arrangements.

The event has got lots of sponsors including Times Of India, Bank of Baroda and Radio Mirchi and is likely to get considerable attention as this appears to be the first initiative of this kind in the town.

Meanwhile if you haven’t watched MIT’s theme video please watch below… It is really nice…based on Summer of 69 theme and shot in local places, this video makes a good watch.

Kannada Bloggers Met at Bangalore
Recently a Kannada Bloggers meet was held in Bangalore’s BP Wadia Institute of World Cultures, Organized by Pranati. Over a hundred Kannada bloggers gathered there and discussed their experience on blogging in regional language. Some common concerns like Unicode font problems were resolved to a reasonable extent. Veteran Kannada bloggers/writers shared their experience as to how they introduced regional language on world wide web and the journey then after. I was there but had to leave an hour early as I had to catch the train.

It is always a good experience to meet people face to face and know a bit more, particularly if you've read their articles for long time and liked it. Bloggers Meet gives a platform for that. Such meets doesn't even need a theme or selection criteria-anyone who blogs can attend... Check Indiblogger websites for upcoming meets in various cities... Attend if possible.


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