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Wedding market saturated? 2nd shaadi is the new focus area now !

Looks like the online market for primary marriage (of people getting married for first time) is either saturated or too competitive, due to uncountable number of matchmaking websites. The new market segment for such companies is those divorced/widowed people looking for second marriage. Of late several websites exclusive for second wedding are coming up, cashing in heavily on increasing divorce rates in India.,, etc are few such Indian sites… is the first site of its kind and is in operational for little less than an year now. Of late they’ve started issuing TV ads too… (that's how I came to know abt it)

Just wondering what next-,,, well the potential is unlimited…


  1. metacharacteres might not be allowed. may be or Hehe! good thought.

  2. By shaadi++ I wasn't relating it to C++ or C#.

    I was refering to the incremental characters used in for loop (i=0;i<100;i++), incrementing marriage count by one...

  3. We do have a Anyone seen that yet?


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