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Why not a domain extension called .blog?

Just wondering why we still don’t have a domain extension (top level domain-TLD) such as .blog

Millions of bloggers are operating with general extensions .com, .net, .org etc… I feel bloggers deserve to have a dedicated top level domain (TLD) extension such as .blog, exclusive for blogging sites… (To know more about top level domains or extensions read this article)

Several new extensions have been made available recently- .asia, .travel, .tv why not .blog?

Just an idea…let me know what do you think… Anyone interested can take it forward…

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  1. We have an Top Level domain name (it's technically not a domain extension, they're called TLDs or Top-Level domain names) called NAME (for individual registrations).

    I guess somebody.name could be used for a personal website/blog.

    Problem is, it's not the availability of TLDs that's the problem because 99% of the people prefer the .com TLD for their domains.

  2. Also Shrinidhi, only a few Top level domains are freely registerable by individuals, the .com, .org and .net being among them.

    For most TLDs and for country-specific TLDs like .co.uk or .co.in you need to register with a specific registrar and the procedure might be different.

    The .blog top-level domain sounds like an interesting addition though.

  3. That was an almost instant comment.

    Well, as far as I know TOP LEVEL DOMAINs are better known as domain extensions...If there is a difference between the two let me know.

    Well, personal websites need to be distinguished from blogs. Personal Website can carry .name extension and have more of a static content while blogs are a bit different from personal sites and deserve a separate TLD...

  4. I'm not aware of anything such as "domain extension". I think it's just a non-technical word for TLD. So your usage was perfectly fine. I just wanted to clarify to all readers that it's not an "extension" of a domain name, but that it is actually one level higher than the domain name itself.

  5. OK...I felt Domaine extension will be a more familiar term that TLD...

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