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2nd anniversary-Belated anniversary wishes to my blog

While talking with Raveesh today realized that I have missed second anniversary of this blog. On May 22nd this blog completed 2 years of existence. In one my earlier posts this month I had written about the upcoming birthday but forgot on the celebration day.

Better late than never, belated 2nd happy birthday to my blog...

Here's the first post that was published 2 years ago. Two years of blogging was great experience-Given that there're bloggers around us who are into blogging since as early as 1998-2000, me still an infant in this arena. Nevertheless blogging did take me to couple of places (Coorg, Manipal and Mumbai) and allowed me to have an online identity for myself. More than 200 people visit this blog daily with couple of them leaving their comments behind. (This is relatively smaller number compared to blogs that get thousands of hits every day-still I am happy with this, given that I don't spend much time on this and haven't made any serious promos-for past 6-9 months avg visitors per day is between 200-250-Not crossing that benchmark-don't know why). enidhispeaks.blogspot.com had reached a PR of 4 but lost it after moving to own domain. Waiting for next Google PR revision.

Because of my posts on network marketing etc I am sure there are quite a few souls angry with me as well, but I have also made some very good friends through this and have leveraged the potential of blog for real life benefits, though there weren't any significant income from it (such as by ads).

Thanks to each one of you for your readership, comments and encouragement. Looking forward for your continued support.

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  1. Hey Shrinidhi,

    Congratulations to you and your Blog. I really cherish reading your posts as it contains lot of thought and a comprehensive view.

    Keep going & my best wishes on this occassion :)


  2. Congrats Hande! Keep posting! :)

  3. Thanks Mohan and Saithilak for your support.

  4. Shrinidhi, congratulations. Wish you many more.

  5. Congratulations Nidhi,

    There is no doubt in my mind that you have already earned your place in the blogosphere. This continue to inspire many more I being one of them! :)


  6. conratulation ! and good luck for your blog anniversary

  7. Many more happy returns of the day Shri!
    Keep Goin.. All the best for your future writings!

  8. two years and you can't call yourself an infant. babies get their first tooth say when they are 10 months?? hehe.

    Great job! keep it going...

  9. OK Sandesh, May be kid is a right word?

    Thanks a lot...


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