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Few updates & some random pictures

Poll: The poll I ran to find out what kind of contents my readers like has given results which I had suspected. Majority of you liked personal observations and experience accounts, followed by Business posts. Thanks to each one of you for casting your vote.

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Many of you conveyed your inability to write comment here as blogger is blocked. In case you wish to write a comment but unable to, send a mail to admin at enidhi dot net. I will manually publish the comments.

I have created a twitter account sometime back. If you wish to follow me, you can do that here (Twitter is a micro-blogging platform where one can give quick updates about anything) (links to LinkedIn and orkut profiles are available in sidebar, if you’re interested)

The legendary Club Mahindra post, the most popular one so far in this blog, has scored 200 comments (includes about 80 comments from me, written in response to other comments). Last time when the post crossed 100+ comments I did an analysis of the comments [read that here]. That post didn’t receive much of response so not planning to analyze the comments again for 200 posts. Will consider at 250-300 comments

Even the quarterly summary of posts I used to do doesn’t appear to have any takers. Do you find it useful? I feel once in a month summary of posts, written on the same month, will be more appropriate, as this post will be available in the archive of same month. Any thoughts/suggestions welcome.

I feel the sidebar is getting crowded. Need to simplify the same by removing not so critical elements- which one do you think can be removed without a second thought?

May 22 will be 2nd anniversary of this blog. 3 weeks to go.

Installed second life client and logged in for the first time… Realized that it can be extremely addictive and time consuming, if taken seriously. Decided to stay away from it for now.

Some random photos taken in near past

Flower vases
Yellow water melon. A bit uncommon.
Happy journey ! ! !
Pineapple that grew in our garden

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